Terms of Membership

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The Nina Forge club was designed to provide the maximum freedom possible to users and developers and empower them to build the best sites they can by providing them with the tools, training and resources they need.

To this end, certain types of behavior regarding the use of the resources and facilities will unfortunately not be tolerated for the good of the club and the community.

Club Code of Conduct

What you can do legally and are encouraged to do.
  • Use any of our extensions on any number of your own sites.
  • Share the extensions privately with your friends. (But make sure you let them know how good the club is!)
  • Modify the extensions as you like.
  • Discuss, disagree or even argue politely with other members on the forums.
What you can't do
  • Make demands of, abuse, make personal attacks at or speak rudely to other members or staff.
  • Spam the forums with multiple advertisements.
  • Advertise illegal or adult oriented sites or services. This includes items of dubious legality e.g. warez, and is entirely up to moderator discretion. note: We have nothing against people listing their own adult sites in the showcase, but please ensure clear warnings are placed for those sensitive to such things.
What you can do legally but will get your membership terminated and why

While legal, public distribution of our extensions or derivative works of those extensions outside the club is considered to be against the code of conduct, as it will have a negative effect on the club, which in turn harms all our members.

This is because public distribution devalues the investment made by other club members and reduces the funding available to the club to maintain and improve the current projects. So sharing publicly means that less extensions, and lower quality extensions can be produced by us for you.

As a result, any member making Ninja Forge original code available for public distribution, either commercially or non commercially, will be considered to be in violation of the code of conduct and have their membership terminated without refund for the benefit of the other members.

Public distribution in this case is considered to be : Making the code available directly (such as by download) or indirectly (such as "email me for a copy") to people with whom you have no personal relationship, or a very limited one (such as on a forum).

The intent of this rule is simply to prevent the blatant pirating and warez distribution of Ninja Forge code to the detriment of paying club members. We genuinely hope never to have to use it. If people wish to fork, or make derivative works from one or more our projects to improve them then please feel free to. But if distributed publicly, we reserve the right to terminate your membership for the good of the club if we feel it is needed.

Terms of Membership


All our membership plans are backed by a 90 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee that if our products don't work, and we cannot make them work acceptably on your site, then we will refund your most recent membership payment and terminate your membership if you request it.

In order to attempt to make a product work on your site, you will need to provide us with full access to your FTP, MySQL and CMS Administrator interfaces.

We will also issue refunds for genuine mistakes on the customer's or our part, but as all downloads can be checked, we reserve the right to not issue refunds under suspicious or fraudulent circumstances for this point.

Refunds will only be issued to the same email address and/or account from which the payment was originally made.

Liability and Warranty

Because our software is licensed GPL and LGPL please read the appropriate warranties and liability statements for those licenses.

In addition:

Ninja Forge cannot guarantee that our extensions will function in conjunction with any or all other 3rd party extensions, or even with other extensions available on this site as there is currently no extension certification process.

Browser compatibility can also not be guaranteed but will be attempted to the best of our ability. In some older browsers, or less powerful browsers (notably IE6) our extensions may have a reduced feature set because those features simply won't work in that browser.

All of our extensions are designed for the latest version of the applicable CMS, but we can give no guarantee, that they will run with future versions of it. Please use the forums to voice any issues related to software versions.

Support for extensions is to be primarily provided via the site forum. Please don't use the contact form for extension issues.

Support for issues with our website, or memberships is provided via the site contact form.

Pro and Life Members will have access to support tickets if they wish, to address extension problems, and tickets will be given priority support.