NinjaXplorer is the file system explorer for your Joomla 1.5 website.

It allows you to edit, upload, delete, zip, unzip and download files directly from your Joomla Administrators panel.


Version: 1.0.7 State: Security release

  • Fixed vulnerability

Version: 1.0.6 State: Bug Fix

  • Fixed PHP 5.3 compatibility issue (thanks to Rene Kreijveld )

Version: 1.0.5 State: Upgrade

  • Added Estonian language files.
  • Added support for .htaccess file editing.

Version: 1.0.4 State: Upgrade

  • We upgraded CodePress with full Safari and Chrome support. So those of you using these browsers can now edit files without trouble :)


Staging a site for a live professional organization now... Been experimenting with various plugins. I have ripped out, replaced and rebuilt this site a few times now... Using NingaForge's Ninja Explorer, was able to get my image rotator working faster than water runs off the end of a Katana in a battle! Being a NoobNinja, tools are fun to use, but when I used this one, found a permanent addition to my utility belt! Sneak up on your customers and dispatch their file upload needs with all of the stealth of a Ninja! You will be happy you did!
Thank you is not enough! NinjaXplorer has made my life a lot easier with just few clicks within my Administrator panel. I have installed it also on my clients websites knowing that without it, they won't be happy!
I had some directories in one site that I could not delete (without going through a huge amount of trouble). A 550 error... On a whim I thought a something like this would help... Installed flawlessly (unlike other like comps), worked perfectly. KUDOS guys, and thanks!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! NinjaXplorer has saved all the frustrations with permissions and editing files. Great stuff!
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