Ninjaboard marks a new generation in native Joomla forums, it is one of the easiest to use, yet most powerful forums and without a doubt the best looking one! Say goodbye to buggy, hard to use, ugly, table based forums forever.

NOTE: Due a lack of staff at the current time we are unable to continue development. We do not recommend using Ninjaboard until this situation is resolved.


Key features

  • Totally new codebase takes advantage of modern coding practices for less bugs, higher security, and best of all greater ease of use.
  • Codename "Chameleon" auto-skinning engine, adapts the look and feel of your forum to any Joomla! template making it look fantastic without any hacking.
  • Powerful permissions system. Create custom usergroups, and optionally assign users to multiple usergroups. Decide who see's what with ease.
  • Integrates with Joomla! core. Users, Search, Breadcrumbs, Localization, SEF and more. No more confusing, ugly "do it yourself" solutions like other forums.
  • Update Ninjaboard right from the dashboard. Allowing you to keep your site up to date, even when you're on the go.
  • Access control over different forums.
  • Topic icons by Parthiban Mohanraj (, exclusively for Ninjaboard (
  • Backend fully MooTools 1.2, frontend use jQuery 1.4 to avoid javascript conflicts with templates.
  • Clean HTML output, no tables for layout! Switch avatar location or change anything without hacking any templates
  • Supports Joomla! html layout overrides. Meaning you can customize at will if you want to. (but it looks so good out of the box no one needs to...)
  • Built in converters. Currently supports Kunena 1.6, phpBB3 (bridged) and Ninjaboard 0.5, ccBoard, Agora, and SMF 1.1
  • Sample data is optional, and imported on the same screen you import data from other forums. So you can get started right away.
  • Multiple settings profiles. Optionally assign profiles to menu items. Meaning you can have multiple *different* forums on one site. No other forum does this!
  • Beautiful and intuitive UI. Setting up a forum has never been this simple or fun.
  • Customizable dashboard. Two module positions at your disposal for forum stats or notifications.
  • Built to take advantage of the new Nooku 0.7 framework.

Chameleon template engine

Ninjaboard comes with a game-changing template engine, which supports a new technique called 'auto-skinning'.

It's capable of blending with any template you install in your site and simply takes on the style of your site.

Unparalleled extensibility

As a direct result of using Nooku Framework, everything in Ninjaboard's code can be manipulated, extended and changed in any way you want and anywhere you like without hacking anything.


  • PHP 5.2.0 or later.
  • MySQL with MySQLi PHP extension. (mysqli means "MySQL improved", gives access to new features in MySQL 4.1 and above).
  • MySQL v5.0.41 or later.
  • Suhosin users need to add tmpl:// to their protocol whitelist.


Ninjaboard is currently under heavy development and the team has not yet had time to write good documentation. However, a member of the community, Steven Zeegers, has written an excellent get-started guide.

Read it at, and follow Steven on Twitter for updates. We hear he will be writing guides for other popular Joomla extensions as well.


Thursday, 30th April 2012
Maintenance Release
  • Fixed watches filter throwing an sql error
Thursday, 5th April 2012
Maintenance Release
  • Synced with the latest translation updates from our Transifex project.
  • Fixed regression caused by canonical support that caused trouble in a few format=raw views and JDocumentRaw not having an addCustomTag method.
  • Fixed Gravatars not downloading correctly
  • bmp's are not supported
Saturday, 06 August 2011
Maintenance Release
  • Installer script now automatically detects and corrects the "System - Remember Me" issue with Nooku Framework caused by the Koowa system plugin executing first.
  • Synced with the latest translation updates from our Transifex project.
  • Fixed regression from 1.1.4 that caused Ninjaboard to seize working until the Koowa system plugin were ordered to execute before the Ninja system plugin.
  • Fixed rare case where an SQL error were generated if you visited one top level forum with a few subforums while the ACL were by default set to No Access, but in a usergroup set all forums to Has Access.
Tuesday, 02 August 2011
Maintenance Release
  • Synced with the latest translation updates from our Transifex project.
  • Clicking on links to posts in the topic you're viewing no longer reloads the page on HTML5 history api enabled browsers.
  • Forum and topic views now include canonical metadata in the html head to prevent/fix duplicate content listings in search engines.
  • Form labels no longer overlap the input element when the text overflows. This were particularly affecting the Settings layout in some translations.
  • Fixed issue where the Ninja Framework plugin autoloaded the Nooku Framework plugin so a fatal error were thrown.
  • Attachments did not follow usergroup permissions or attachment enable settings.
  • Fixed issue in Quickpanel logout URL that would cause PHP Notices, and empty LIMITS to be introduced on return URLs.
  • Forum icons only supported png files.
  • Performance bottleneck in Agora converter caused by a subquery is replaced by a much faster left join.
  • UI for toggling locked state on forums are longer available. Will be added back in 1.2 when the feature is fully implemented.
Wednesday, 27 July 2011
Security Release
  • Security audit performed on all SQL queries executed in Ninjaboard that doesn't use the automatic quoting in Nooku Framework for performance reasons to make sure they're not exploitable in any way.
  • Hardened security in person controller in a SQL query that prevents duplicate screen names.
  • Hardened security in 3 SQL queries used for searching in the posts, people and messages models.
  • Synced with the latest translation updates from our Transifex project.
Friday, 22 July 2011
Maintenance Release
  • Synced with the latest translation updates from our Transifex project.
  • Added options to allow the user to configure what links to show or not in Ninjaboard Quickpanel module.
  • Fixed issue were there were no background on selected PM messages unless the browser were WebKit or Gecko based.
  • SMF converter didn't correct whitepsace entities to the raw symbol.
  • Fixed issue with SMF converter were it would fail if the SMF installation did not have SEF urls turned on.
  • "No topics yet" hint was displayed to super admins.
  • Fixed issue were moving a topic would change its status to unread.
  • Fixed issue were vertical scrollbars appeared in browsers like Safari on specific Joomla templates.
  • Resolved RTL CSS issues frontend in general on list views and in the backend toolbar.
  • Regression caused a too narrow width on lastpost columns on forum view, as well as a misaligned separator.
  • Regression caused overflowing topic subjects to no longer show an ellipsis in forum view.
  • Previewing a private message now works again.
  • Subscribe button would sometimes overlap the pagination in Forum view.
  • Fixed issue where buttons on the Person view didn't line up.
  • Fixed CSS issue where the reply button on the PM page got pushed down in non-WebKit browsers.
  • The unread indicators on private messages had the wrong url to the unread.png icon.
Friday, 15 July 2011
Maintenance Release
  • UTF8 slugs no longer rely on iconv to transliterate properly.
  • Synced with the latest translation updates from our Transifex project.
  • Private Messaging javascript were incompatible with MooTools 1.2.5
  • SEF router generated broken URLs for topics with 100 character long subjects.
  • Added a few missing strings in the translation master file.
  • Fatal Error: Call to undefined method ComNinjaHelperDefault::css() when site is in RTL mode on PHP 5.2.5
  • Posts style wrapping sometimes didn't apply.
  • Major performance bottleneck fixed in read topics feature and in general forums and topics queries.
  • 404 headers were set when clicking Reply Topic button.
  • Performance bottleneck fixed in SEF router.
  • Some CSS3 gradients only worked in WebKit. Updated the css to support Opera 11+, FF 4+, IE10+ in addition to WebKit flavors.
Friday, 08 July 2011
Major Release
  • Private Messaging, using a conversation based UI instead of an inbox/outbox.
  • Vanity SEF urls for forums and topics.
  • SMF converter added
  • New "Ninjaboard Quickpanel" module, bundled with the core package.
  • Posts blocks now have same styling as forums blocks on the forums page. You can toggle the behavior from the Settings page.
  • Updated French translation - thanks lavsteph!
  • SEF router upgraded with a cache layer for parsing and rendering, performance measured between 30%-50% on pages with a lot of links, due to the reduced amount of SQL queries and other expensive code.
  • bbCode parser upgraded with a cache layer, performance increase measured between 10%-20% on pages with posts and signatures.
  • URL slugs now transliterate UTF8 characters, even Greek!
  • Added option to configure the lightbox rel attribute for image attachments.
  • Avatars now send proper caching headers to enable browser caching.
  • ccBoard converter now supports html.
  • Latest Posts on the user profile page displayed latest topics that were started by the user. It now shows the latest topics the user have contributed to not just started.
  • .wrap no longer have float:left, this solves issues in for posts blocks in some templates not expanding the background to the full height of the post.
  • The .poster-is-topic-creator class was only applied correctly if the last post were made by the topic starter.
  • Users were still able to configure email notification settings when email notifications were globally disabled.
  • Fixed issue where search results didn't match by subject unless it was the first post in a topic.
  • Fixed issues with plugins like Remember Me, where an additional page refresh were needed in order to be logged in to the forums.
  • Fixed issue in bbCode parser where urls with closing tags with no whitespace or linebreaks first would lead to broken syntax.
  • Fixed bug where a topic where still accessible by link if the parent forum allowed forum access, but had topics set to no access.
  • SEF links in 3rd party extensions linking to forums that the user can't access were missing the alias, only showing the id due to ACL query WHERE statements.
  • Fixed rare bug that caused forums to be accessible by link even when the ACL were configured to disallow it.
  • Duplicate/Redundant CSS fixed for the forum and topic icons in the list view.
  • All translations are now fully automated by Transifex, find us here:
  • Maximum subject character length for posts have been changed from 255 to 100 in the database schema.
Thursday, 16 June 2011
Maintenance Release
  • The jos_ninjaboard_log_topic_reads table was missing from the uninstall.sql.
  • Updated MySQL version checker to specify that it's the server version not client version being checked.
Tuesday, 24 May 2011
Maintenance Release
  • Changed unread indicator on forums and topics to be a span tag instead of just a background image on the li tag itself.
  • Fixed regression bug that caused the "Notify me when a reply is posted" checkbox when posting to no longer function.
  • Fixed issue where forums are marked as read when latest topic is viewed, disregarding other unread topics within a forum.
  • Fixed regression bug where an sql error would happen instead of a 404 when topic isn't found.
Monday, 23 May 2011
Maintenance Release
  • Unread/read topics and forums now got indicators to show states, that can be customized by css.
  • Fixed bug where multiple tags would occur when line breaks were used in [code] and [quote] calls. Patched by Hook.
  • Built in updates failed to recognize 1.0.10 to be a more recent version than <= 1.0.9.
Thursday, 19 May 2011
Maintenance Release
  • Dutch translation files updated - thanks John Bartels!
  • Fixed issue where adding an attachment file input in a post without selecting a file would show a "Filetype not supported" error.
  • Incompatibility with Warp6, patched by YOOtheme.
Wednesday, 27 April 2011
Maintenance Release
  • Performance optimization makes topic pages load twice as fast.
  • Instead of automatically importing sample content when Ninjaboard got no data, you now see a notice in the administrator giving you the option to do it until you have at least 1 forum setup.
  • Fixed annoying double encode issue with URLs that made special characters display in their entity form.
  • Fixed issue where scrollbars would appear in pre blocks and on long URLs in posts.
  • Fixed issue where New Topic and Reply Topic were shown when the user weren't authorized to perform those actions. Clicking them would result in blank pages with no error message, this is also fixed now.
  • Fixed CSS problems when previewing a post.
Thursday, 14 April 2011
Maintenance Release
  • Swedish translation files updated - thanks Kristian Dahl�n!
  • Default Nooku Framework ACL caused users in the "Registered" group to be unable to post in the forums.
  • Regression in usergroup maps caused saving to fail, and also showed incorrect mapping for the "Unregistered" usergroup.
  • Regression bug caused the sample content to no longer automatically import on first launch on new installs.
Tuesday, 12 April 2011
Maintenance Release
  • Vulnerability that allowed hidden posts to be displayed outside of ones ACL permissions patched.
  • New "View Profile" menu item type added, takes the users to their own profiles, or a login form if not logged in.
  • Portuguese (Portugal) translation - thanks C�ndido Pereira!
  • Converters now report how long a conversion took.
  • /component/ninjaboard like SEF urls are now redirected to the right menu item linking to Ninjaboard to eliminate duplicate urls.
  • Nooku Framework snapshot upgraded to Alpha 2.
  • Ninjaboard adminstration tools can only be run by super administrators from now on.
  • Profile edit form updated to look much nicer in darker templates.
  • Fixed issue where avatar uploads might not work.
  • Usability for Profile Edit form improved regarding custom display name.
  • Spanish translation files updated - thanks Manuel Fazio!
  • jQuery upgraded to 1.5.1.
  • Forums order option when creating menu items is now gone. Forums will now be sorted after your custom ordering at all times.
  • Email notification buttons now have a fixed width.
  • All PNGs are crunched, faster loading and smaller installer packages.
  • No longer fails silently when com_ninja or nooku framework is missing, you'll now get proper error messages.
  • Swedish translation files updated - thanks Kristian Dahl�n!
  • Tooltips related to Chameleon Settings were missing.
  • Form radio inputs were misaligned on Linux Firefox.
  • PHP 5.3 users without date.timezone defined in their php.ini would get PHP warnings in areas Ninjaboard displayed dates.
  • Avatars didn't show in the backend when the default menu item wasn't a Ninjaboard type.
  • Link detector is now smart enough to check when it needs to add protocols to URLs.
  • Custom icon path mixed forward and back slashes
  • SEF urls now show the alias for restricted forums instead of just the id.
  • Regression could cause redirects on post cancels to fail when SEF is turned on.
  • Regression caused topics to sort by first post instead of last post.
  • Regression caused email notifications to no longer work.
  • If attachments were deleted on the filesystem, JFile warnings about not being able to open files would be thrown.
  • JPEG attachments weren't recognized as images.
  • Regression in 1.0.6 caused a maximum of 20 items to show in many lists, like forum permissions, forum parent, usergroups in usergroups mapper and such.
  • Built in updates now works again.
Sunday, 27 February 2011
Maintenance Release
  • Fixed issue where an SQL error occured if a user did not have permission to post.
  • Resolved JS error when adding a new Usergroup.
  • Fixed a problem with the list limit not being set, sometimes causing timeouts.
Sunday, 20 February 2011
Maintenance Release
  • Fixed error were Avatar quality slider in non-webkit browsers would always show as 0.
  • Fixing issue that caused some templates to mistakenly hide sidebars thinking the main layouts where form layouts.
  • Major performance bottleneck causing timeouts on larger forums when replying or editing a topic is now solved - thanks Nicholas Dionysopoulos!
Saturday, 19 February 2011
Maintenance Release
  • Vulnerability in the post preview function.
  • Posts have now a few new dynamic css classes to them. They change depending on wether the poster is the topic creator, the poster rank, usergroups and more.
  • Turkey translation - thanks Yagiz Ergenc!
  • German translation updated - thanks Wolfgang Naber!
  • Agora converter learned to handle subscriptions.
  • Post editor now fades out toolbar buttons when in preview mode to make it more distinct from edit mode.
  • Now possible to globally disable email notifications.
  • Added option that lets you display the new topic button on a topic.
  • Session is now kept alive while composing posts.
  • Avatar uploads and management lacked on the backend compared to frontend.
  • No longer needed to visit the dashboard to complete installations.
  • Norwegian translation updated.
  • English translation files updated with new strings.
  • Post edit button now got a 'edit' class to make it easier to style.
  • Italian translation upgraded - thanks Valter Mura!
  • Usergroups mapper works with IE8 once again, an unclosed div caused it to break.
  • Fixed IE8 issue where post preview would cause text to overlap, making it unreadable.
  • Trailing whitespace in user search box were not trimmed.
  • Fixed issue where searching in the Ninjaboard Users backend would reveal people that are disabled that would otherwise be hidden.
  • Signatures with images in them could cause text overlaps with the post text making it unreadable.
  • Sometimes a post could overlap and cause parts of the previous post to be unselectable (for instance you couldn't click a link).
  • Fixed issue where Watches filter would cause an http 500 error screen with an sql syntax error.
  • Fixed missing Map icon on the Usergroups screen.
  • Ninjaboard no longer changes the scripts load order on site as it caused js errors on some sites. It's also more failsafe should multiple jQuery instances load on the same page.
  • Added compatability with Safety Extender - thanks!
  • Forum titles weren't vertically centered like topic titles when no forum descriptions.
  • Resolved styling issues with RocketTheme Grunge.
  • Compatibility fixes with the new 2011 RocketTheme templates.
  • Kunena converter failed on topic shadows (moved topics) due to typo.
  • Performance issues in Kunena converter.
  • Fixing issues with avatars on some host setups.
  • Removed post preview button as it mislead users into thinking it would preview the post on page, not just the editor text. We'll add back the preview button when it actually behaves like that.
Friday, 21 January 2011
Bugfix Release
  • Regression in attachments and avatars.
Thursday, 20 January 2011
Bugfix Release
  • Fixing regression introduced in 1.0.1 that resulted in various SQL syntax errors.
Thursday, 20 January 2011
Security Release
  • Security vulnerability in Nooku Framework exposed the database prefix on the site if user generated content had text like `jos_menus`.
Saturday, 15 January 2011
First Stable Release
  • Quick Reply
  • Spanish translation - thanks Jon Neubauer!
  • Portuguese (Brazil) translation - thanks Eni Rodrigues!
  • jQuery loading now respects the JFactory::getApplication()->get('jquery') convention.
  • Replaced the default (scary mask) avatar with a custom designed one.
  • Ability to add custom icons by using the Joomla! Media Manager. Use folders like /images/com_ninjaboard/forums, /images/com_ninjaboard/rank and /images/com_ninjaboard/topic.
  • Upgraded MooTools from 1.2.4 to 1.2.5 to resolve IE9 and IE8 problems.
  • Ability to set visibility on Usergroups, applied on the frontend.
  • Settings now automatically makes sure that at least one profile is set as default.
  • Improved post layout.
  • Added accesskey attributes to New Topic (key=N) and Reply Topic (key=R) buttons.
  • Topic urls now also include the subject as slug, not just the id.
  • Forum icon now shows on the regular forum layout, not just lists.
  • Option to show peoples usergroups in their posts and profiles.
  • Resolved performance bottlenecks in views due to canned code that were left behind.
  • Forum reordering no longer have the cases where you have to click multiple times to change the position in the list.
  • Image attachments markup updated with a rel="lightbox[postid]" to support lightbox plugins.
  • Post editor text now set to inherit the color in order to stay readable on dark templates without general forms styling.
  • Reply Topic and Create Topic buttons now always show, clicking it while logged out will render a login form, and redirect you to the post form once logged in.
  • Newest posts now in a list at the bottom while replying a topic.
  • Dedicated Preview button added when writing posts (as the magnifying glass in the editor weren't obvious).
  • Compatibility added for the following admin templates: AdminPraise2, APLite, AdminPad, Stainless, AdminPraise3, JB Crisp, JB Simpla and RT MissionControl.
  • Attachments ease of use improved. Shows allowed file extensions, max upload filesize and more.
  • Dutch translation files updated - thanks John Bartels!
  • Swedish translation files updated - thanks Kristian Dahl�n!
  • Filters (All | Enabled - Disabled) added to forums, settings and ranks in the administrator.
  • Norwegian translation files updated - thanks Svein Wisnaes and Torkil Johnsen!
  • Various IE issues resolved.
  • Forum icons could not have whitespace in their filenames.
  • Labels did not inherit colors from the template, resulting in hard to read form labels in darker templates.
  • Breadcrumbs missed the "Forums" part in some cases.
  • A new forum defaulted to the top of the list.
  • Forum headers didn't show anywhere.
  • Attachment permissions only applied on who could upload them. But not on who could see and download them.
  • Subforums missing from "Forum" view.
  • Blocked users showed in the Users list.
  • Fixed breaking code due to changes in j!1.6 RC.
  • Any HTML were stripped out of posts.
  • File attachment links broke when SEF urls with file endings were on.
  • Theme name missing from Settings view.
  • Disabled Ranks no longer render.
  • Ranks no longer render if a user don't have one, avoiding 404 image requests.
  • Topics and Posts in disabled forums could still be accessed by search, latest topics lists and on profile pages.
  • Fixing $params not defined notice in forums view when forums without subforums rendered.
Tuesday, 21 December 2010
Bugfix Release
  • Suhosin is now automatically detected, and instructions on how to configure it to allow Ninjaboard to run is provided.
  • Option to disable avatars
  • Italian translation upgraded, and also includes the administrator - thanks Valter Mura!
  • Forums view now renders forums that are without subforums.
  • Forum descriptions now support bbCode.
  • Sortables added to Usergroups allowing you to change the order of them.
  • There's an ID column added to the users view.
  • Administrator Forums view now have a search field.
  • Error when posting if there were no email notifications recipients.
  • Topics order is now sorting by the date of the last post instead of the first one, so active topics will be on top of the list.
  • Post editor didn't prepend [*] when creating lists, confusing users.
  • Fixed issue where the Ninja system plugin would throw an Fatal error if com_ninja were uninstalled before Nooku Framework.
  • Fixed rare case in SEF router that resulted in 404 messages when other variables were appended to a view=forum url.
  • Fixes done in Usergroup tables to make the AEC Ninjaboard Micro Integration work again.
  • Regression fixed with menu items Settings and Forums select popups.
  • Posts had an ordering issue.
  • Email notification links had faulty links when SEF is on.
Monday, 13 December 2010
Major Release
  • Low priority frontend XSS with image attachment file names.
  • Low priority frontend XSS with post titles, only when editing one.
  • Low priority admin XSS with search field not escaping output.
  • Low priority admin XSS vulnerability where managers+ could exploit the forum title field.
  • Chameleon now configurable under Settings. Page Class Suffixes are entirely optional as a result.
  • Theme API enabled. Each theme may have its own settings that are shown conditionally under "Settings".
  • Possible to select topic layout, wether to have pagination both top or bottom, or just at the bottom.
  • Chameleon now also integrates with the pagination styling that your template provides.
  • Users can define their own custom screen name, or to show username, or real name.
  • Agora converter, supports avatars and attachments.
  • Move topics added.
  • ccBoard converter, support avatars and attachments.
  • Italian frontend translation - thanks Valter Mura!
  • Installable on Joomla! 1.6!
  • New and improved installer that's much faster due to making use of AJAX.
  • Hebrew translation - thanks PozaTive!
  • Email Notifications. Subscribe to forum, topic or person.
  • Converter APIs now made completely dynamic. You can even add new converters to the Tools screen now from a system or ninjaboard plugin.
  • More forum icons, this time selected icons from WooCons.
  • bbCode parser now matches urls, using but without allowing javascript, file, jar or data protocols.
  • Avatars resizing now also crops, while maintaining aspect ratio. Making sure images always have the specified dimensions.
  • Permalinks now include the post date, not just the tiny icon to the left of it.
  • SEF urls are optimized and tweaked. One of the changes is the /forum/ part is gone (but those old urls work so don't worry about any 404s).
  • phpBB3 converter upgraded to support shadow topics, avatars and attachments.
  • phpBB3 converter is now configured by specifying the path to the installation. Database details are fetched from the forum configuration instead of manually entering them.
  • Ninjaboard 0.5 converter now supports avatars and attachments. Meaning the migration support to 1.0 is 100% complete!
  • bbCode updated to support [list=] for ordered lists, [size] support added, [quote] implementation improved.
  • Kunena converter upgraded to support avatars, shadow topics and attachments.
  • Major overhaul to Converter API and UI.
  • List styling is more minimal than before.
  • Menu XML updated to work with 1.6
  • Upgraded from GPLv2 to GPLv3
  • Database schema upgrades no longer runs during install, but on first load post install. This prevents script timeouts while upgrading your forums.
  • Forums in the admin now sort by custom ordering by default to avoid confusion.
  • The forums on the frontend now order by custom ordering by default, instead of by id.
  • ACL queries are now much more conditional. Resulting in 10x faster loadtimes.
  • Better dates display, instead of "2 months" ago you get "12 aug".
  • Nooku Framework updated to rev2646
  • Updated French translation - thanks Xavier!
  • Updated Dutch translation - thanks John Bartels!
  • Better button alignments on frontend forms.
  • mod_breadcrumbs is now autorendered when needed, ensuring that the forum navigation is always available.
  • Sample content are now automatically imported on fresh installs. Making Ninjaboard work more out of the box.
  • Increased converter ajax timeout to 400ms to allow /really/ big imports.
  • Multiple duplicate posts were made if the user clicked multiple times on the Submit button.
  • Post links always showed the first page in the topic. It now correctly opens the right page with the post. Same is true for redirects and email notification links.
  • SEO Setting -> Add Suffix to URL broke file attachment links.
  • Fixed fatal error after Ninjaboard 0.5 migrations due to empty ninjaboard_user_group_maps table.
  • phpBB3 bbCode not properly converted - thanks for the patch Yireo!
  • Resolved conflict with Fabrik in relations to SEF.
  • Rank icons set to a fixed height of 16px in some places.
  • Some buttons, like Delete topic, had a style attribute with display:inline breaking some layouts.
  • Topics and Posts columns in the forum admin were swapped.
  • Fixed MAX_JOIN_SIZE issue due to large joins in the acl queries.
  • Problem with clicking checkboxes in lists fixed.
  • Fixed forums ordering issue where Forums with an ID like 13 came before 8.
  • Show username setting in configuration wasn't working
  • Image helper for resizing avatars now fully supports the FTP Layer.
  • Default avatar changed when gravatar got turned on.
  • Gravatars didn't work with allow_url_fopen=off, changed to cURL helper instead of JFile::read.
  • console.log debug call caused the delete button to not work in other browsers than Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
  • Orphan topics incorrectly showed up in Latest Topics lists.
  • Backend user edit view now correctly reveal default assigned usergroups, not just manual overrides.
  • The "Forums title for subforums" option deprecated as no one ever use it.
Friday, 17 September 2010
Minor Release
  • Ajax requests, like post deletion, seized functioning when SEF + URL suffix were turned on.
  • Avatars failed to render when SEF with URL suffix were enabled on the site.
  • Default avatars sometimes didn't render if Gravatar were enabled.
  • Warp5.5 changed how module chrome works, and thus Chameleon failed to take on Warp5.5 template styling.
Thursday, 16 September 2010
Major Release
  • Basic user profile editing frontend. Set avatar and forum signature.
  • Avatars now got cached thumbnails. Supports both GD2 and ImageMagick
  • Gravatar support added.
  • RTL support complete.
  • Basic forms validation added to topics creation, replying and editing.
  • Confirmation dialog when deleting topics and posts to prevent accidental deletions.
  • Removed br tags from forum titles. Using span{display:block} instead.
  • Forum descriptions are no longer cut off in forums view.
  • Posts count displayed, not just ranks and stars.
  • Forum and Topic toolbar now both top and bottom.
  • Color and font size dropdowns in posts editor were visible on page load.
  • No longer possible to create topics and posts without a subject and text.
  • Fixed issue with Artisteer templates that caused the delete topic button to fail.
  • Fixed FireFox error while editing post.
  • Fixed duplicate subject titles in topic view.
  • Fixed translation errors in core.
  • Tooltips were broken.
  • Impossible to delete avatar.
  • Added missing translation strings from the menu manager.
Thursday, 09 September 2010
Minor Release
  • Swedish translation - thanks Kristian Dahl�n!
  • Check for updates failed when open_basedir were set.
  • Dutch translation failed to install due to missing tags in manifest.xml
  • Ninjaboard usergroups mapper have 0 as the default value, but looks like it's the first most Ninjaboard group visually speaking. Now the default value is exactly what you expect it to be.
  • If a forum alias started with an number, it would 404 frontend when SEF turned on.
  • Forum reordering arrows worked reversed.
Tuesday, 07 September 2010
Minor Release
  • Error when adding forum fixed.
Wednesday, 01 September 2010
Major Release
  • Dutch translation and improved localization support in core - thanks John 'cQuencer' Bartels!
  • No sort/reorder option in forums.
  • Improved button markup.
  • Pagination now consistent.
  • Forum descriptions are now an h3 tag, instead of css2 generated content (using ::after).
  • Rounded Chameleon failed to apply the hover hilite on the top border, while squared worked as expected.
  • Fixed issue with enable, disable and default toolbar actions.
  • Avatar upload works properly again.
  • Several bugfixes made to the Users view. Ranks, Ninjaboard usergroups all display correctly now.
Tuesday, 31 August 2010
Major Release
  • French translation - thanks Xavier!
  • Greek translation - thanks Kostas M.!
  • Refreshed list view UI.
  • Items 5-10 disappeared when j! global config -> list lenght = 5.
  • Fixed issue in Ninjaboard 0.5 converter.
  • Forum permissions sometimes didn't save correctly.
  • Topics didn't show more than 6 posts, and no pagination.
  • Issue when deleting posts and topics solved.
  • Fixed css double spaces and @import usage that broke in RokGZipper.
1.0.0Beta5 take 6
Sunday, 08 August 2010
Minor Release
  • English and German translations improved.
  • Backend list view shows more clearly which rows you got selected.
  • Forums frontend now have a default icon.
  • Kunena converter failed to import the replies count, last post id on topics, and the post dates.
  • Regression in post preview ajax.
  • Fixed a rare case where the guest user failed to map correctly.
  • If you edited a post, only the attachments for that post were visible after redirect.
  • Fixed saving error in usegroup maps.
  • Latest topics feature under Forums view were broken.
  • Typo in topics model caused a performance issue.
  • A regression caused permissions not to apply to the "Latest topics" list.
1.0.0Beta5 take 5
Thursday, 05 August 2010
Minor Release
  • German translation updated.
  • Changed wording of usergroups reminder.
  • Extension updater in dashboard now displays error messages on failure.
  • Firefox issue with converters resolved.
  • Kunena converter is fixed, and thus re-enabled.
  • Fixed regression where topics more than 10 but less than 20 wouldn't show until the total were bigger than 20.
  • Fixed pagination php notices and warnings.
  • Fixed regression in search plugin.
  • AJAX conflict fixed with extensions like Sobi2 and JomSocial.
1.0.0Beta5 take 4
Wednesday, 04 August 2010
Minor Release
  • Resolved php notices in the admin stats module.
  • No longer showing views in menu manager that can't be used yet.
  • Resolved redirect problem when cancelling creations, replies and editing of posts and topics.
  • Resolving breadcrumbs problem.
  • Forums were in the wrong order on forums view.
  • Fixed uninstall regression.
  • Fixed PHP notices and warnings frontend and admin.
1.0.0Beta5 take 3
Monday, 02 August 2010
Minor Release focusing on Attachments
  • Added option under Settings allowing you to change wether to view attachments inline, or download them.
  • Regression in post controller caused the post_id not being set in uploaded attachments.
  • Attachments showed while editing a post, listed the obfuscated names instead of the real ones.
  • Attachments view didn't support the FTP layer.
  • The mime type were always text/html, except for PDFs, causing images to be turned into weird characters when viewed directly (not in the img tag)
1.0.0Beta5 take 2
Sunday, 01 August 2010
Minor Release
  • Text color set to white instead of semi-transparent on Usergroups labels to improve readability.
  • Bug in Mapper prevented FireFox to save the Mappings consistently.
  • Icon alignment without left margin in topics lists when using light Chameleon.
  • Topic ajax preview had a regression and didn't actually preview your post.
  • Forum per forum chameleon settings couldn't be set to inherit the current settings profile.
  • Regression where guests were unable to see forums on some servers setups.
1.0.0Beta5 take 1
Tuesday, 27 July 2010
Major Release
  • Views like Forums in the admin now have maintenance mode that runs once per week. They will automatically fix table relations and such when needed.
  • Full downgrade support. Ninjaboard 0.5 tables are backed up during install, and will be recovered during uninstall to allow downgrades.
  • Users can now be assigned to more than one usergroup at once.
  • Possible to adjust spacing between forum boxes
  • Custom designed premium topic icons, exclusively for Ninjaboard.
  • Person page frontend. Shows the avatar, user rank and the persons latest topics.
  • Auto-translator, updates your NB language file with untranslated strings for your convenience. Turn on Language debugging under Global Config to activate it.
  • Tools screen upgraded
  • Norwegian translation on frontend.
  • Ninjaboard Stats Admin Module. Go to the module manager > administrator and publish it to ninjaboard-dashboard-tabs.
  • Chameleons compatibility with Gantry Framework and Warp5 are improved.
  • Views like the forums and topics views are now taking advantage of HMVC.
  • The forms styling when creating a topic, posting a reply or editing a post are now even sexier and more user friendly.
  • Usergroups are now easier to setup, as you get a live, human readable paragraph to the right explaining your permissions configurations.
  • Improved the Sample Content available on the Tools screen.
  • Added option to not make the forums title in forums view linkable. Instead of just showing a permalink, or making it linkable (which don't work well in all templates)
  • Much more localizable, javascript that were previously hardcoded, now uses JText for translatability.
  • Forums styling is enhanced to take advantage of more CSS3 features, and subtle hilites between rows that change correctly based on mouse hover.
  • Ninjaboard 1.0 can now install on a 0.5 site, and it'll present you an option to import the 0.5 data into your 1.0 database after upgrade.
  • Styling of moderation tools frontend upgraded to use Chameleon.
  • Advanced CSS3 (like gradients) no longer favor WebKit based browsers. Gecko and Presto support added.
  • Usability of usergroup Mapper is improved. Easier to click and drag, and mouseover highlight the end point.
  • phpBB3 converter vastly improved.
  • Converter speeds are dramatically faster. Things that used to take 3 hours, now take literally 3 minutes.
  • Major speed improvements, queries no longer recurse!
  • bbCode parser upgraded to support more tags, like table tags.
  • Super admins didn't have full permissions at all times.
  • In some cases the acl didn't apply as expected.
  • Forums view show the correct username, instead of just "Anonymous"
  • SEF issue with posting now fixed.
  • Uninstalling com_ninja before the ninja system plugin used to break the joomla site.
1.0.0Beta4 take 3
Thursday, 13 May 2010
Converter Release
  • phpBB3 converter
  • Major upgrades and enhancements to the converters UI.
1.0.0Beta4 take 2
Monday, 10 May 2010
  • No Access - Didn't work on a per forum bas

Frequently Asked Questions

When installing Ninjaboard the installation hangs on 'Please wait, checking for additional packages...'
Ninjaboard uses javascript in its installation script, there are 2 known 3rd Party extensions that can cause the installer to break:

  • Jomsocial System plugin
  • Javascript SDK System plugin

Please temporarily unpublish the system plugin and try the installation again. When the installation has completed you can re-publish the system plugin.

Alternatively, you can try the following solution if the above does not work or apply to you:

1.) Install Ninjaboard normally. When it hangs, navigate to another page in the admin panel.
2.) Unzip the Ninjaboard install zip locally. You should see a number of folders and files. One of the folders is called "packages", and inside this you will find a component and at least one plugin. Install all of them as you would any Joomla extension.

If you are not using any of the above extensions, or neither solution resolves the problem, please post in our forums for help.
How can I protect myself from spam?
Ninjaboard does not have anti-spam built in yet, but until then you can use JAntispam. It's a free Joomla plugin, read more about it here. And be sure to leave a review of it if you like it!
Where can I find a quickstart guide?
Steven Zeegers wrote an unofficial manual available for free.
"Remember Me" only works if I refresh the page
You need to make sure that the "System - Remember Me" plugin is loaded before "System - Koowa" and "System - Ninja Framework" in the Plugins Manager (a fix for this was done in Ninjaboard 1.1, but the order of plugins still matters).
I am having troubles installing Ninjaboard.
Check you have the proper permissions on your server and that the relevant Joomla folders are writable.
(Joomla Admin => >> help >> system info >> Directory Permissions)

If your installation is hanging during the install, check this FAQ entry: Installation hangs on "Please wait, checking fro additional packages.."
How do i style or customize Ninjaboard to integrate with my template?
Watch this video for help setting template styling options with Ninjaboard:
Setting up Ninjaboard with a Yootheme template.
How can i change the style or change the appearance of Ninjaboard?
Check this blog entry on how to do overrides:
Overrides with Ninjaboard.

Also check this FAQ entry about integrating Ninjaboard with templates/themes:
Integrating Ninjaboard with my template.
Avatars aren't working for me with Ninjaboard.
Check you have the proper permissions on your server.
(Joomla Admin => >> help >> system info >> directory permissions)

Previously users using the Joomla FTP layer (due to not running apache with suPHP, or without necessary access permissions) caused issues with image drivers. This was fixed in Ninjaboard 1.1

Currently NB requires GD (lib-gif/jpg/bmp) or the shell version of imagemagick (not the php native version of imagick).
Check your server config meets the requirements. (Joomla Admin => >> help >> system info >> php information)

Previously not having cURL installed could cause issues.
Will there be JomSocial/Community Builder or other Component Integration for Ninjaboard?
This is planned for future versions of Ninjaboard. Sorry, we cannot say "when". ;)
I can't post or add new topics with Ninjaboard.
This can happen when using sh404SEF.
sh404SEF is NOT supported or compatible with Ninjaboard. (Ninjaboard handles it's own SEF URLs)

However, there's a temporary solution provided in this topic:
Ninjaboard vs sh404sef
How can i lock or make a topic a "sticky"?
This is planned for future versions of Ninjaboard. Sorry, we cannot say "when". ;)
What are the requirements to run Ninjaboard?
PHP 5.2.0 or later.
MySQL with MySQLi PHP extension. (mysqli means "MySQL improved", gives access to new features in MySQL 4.1 and above).
MySQL v5.0.41 or later.
Suhosin users need to add tmpl:// and file:// to their protocol whitelist. See the tutorial here:
Suhosin known issues
I am getting errors relating to Suhosin.
Suhosin users need to add tmpl:// and file:// to their protocol whitelist. See the tutorial here:
Suhosin known issues.
I am having problems related to ionCube Loader.
ionCube Loader 4.0 is required to work with Ninjaboard. If your hosting provider suggests adding this line (zend_extension="/usr/local/IonCube/") to your php.ini file, do so in both "/" (root of your joomla site) and "/administrator".
The Ninjaboard text/post editor is tiny.
This is usually a Javascript conflict caused by another component/module/plugin. Please try disabling other components/modules/plugins until the problem disappears to determine which is the cause, then one by one reactivate the rest. Contact the developer of the component/module/plugin for assistance with the Javascript conflict.

You can also use your browsers error console to look for Javascript errors and try narrow down the cause of the conflict.
No styling or CSS seems to be applied to Ninjaboard.
You possibly have a SEF issue (known Nooku bug)

Goto your control panel/file manager provided by your host
find htaccess.txt (found in the root of your Joomla! installation), copy and rename it to .htaccess
when done go to Joomla's Global Configuration and under SEO Settings set Search Engine Friendly URLs to No and set Use Apache mod_rewrite to Yes.
After updating NB, I'm getting an error 500 page AND my toolbar buttons are not working/responding and look grayed out/faded!
1. Make sure the ordering of the system plugins for Ninjaboard are correct. There are two plugins involved which are shipping with the installation of Ninjaboard:

* System - Koowa
* System - Ninja Framework

Make sure they are ordered as shown above. Also check that System Koowa is always at 0 (zero) and System Ninja Framework is at least at 1 or higher. They can't be both at 0 (zero).

2. Another common issue is caused by active javascripts in the backend. Usual it's caused by third party plugins that are especially used for cache, editing and backend improvement purposes. Try to locate such plugins and disable them step by step until the issue is gone. Check in the settings for the plugin, which causes the conflict/issue, if you can choose from multiple javascript libraries or otherwise try to exclude Ninjaboard from the plugin (if possible).
A General Tip
The more extensions you install the more possibilities there are of a chance that you run into troubles. Uninstall extensions you do not often or never use. If you run into trouble remember always when it happened and what action caused the trouble, go back from there and try again. If this doesn't help, contact the Developers or search for documentation/FAQs at their website. Also, keep your extensions always up to date by retrieving updated releases form the Developers.
I've a free Siteground Template and Ninjaboard looks out of proportions, what can I do?
Discovered so far, free Siteground templates seems to have overall poor module styling. The out-of-proportions look is usually caused by fixed widths from the Siteground template. To fix this: from the menubar go to Components > Ninjaboard > Settings. Create or edit the default setting. Scroll down to the Module Render Engine section and enter "none" in the Moduleclass Sfx field. This way Ninjaboard will render correct on Siteground templates. Also, this helps to get rid of "artificial" background images. Sometimes other CSS elements like text alignment, button styling, text/font styling, need to be edited directly in the Siteground's template.css file. Before editing the template.css file, It is advisable to read related documentation or contact developers from the Siteground's website.
After installing Ninjaboard I got an Error 1265 related to a mixed database collation. What can I do?
You can easily change your database collation by making use of the
Akeeba AdminTools.
Note that you also have to make use of the Repair and Optimize function.
After changing the database collation with Akeeba AdminTools, make sure you clean Joomla's cache first to make the change effective.
Temporary workaround for sh404sef users.
The following topic describes an easy and simple temporary solution to make Ninjaboard work with sh404sef until Ninjaboard is compatible.

Ninjaboard vs sh404sef
I got an error related to the database:

JInstaller::install: SQL Error. DB function failed with error number 1064

How can I solve this?
This is usually caused by a incorrect database engine setting or an outdated MySQLversion.
This should be corrected by your host or you may make the necessary changes within MyPhpAdmin.

Please refer to this FAQ for better explanation:

Related Joomla Forum
I don't see a Breadcrumb-like navigation within the Ninjaboard pages.
This is because Ninjaboard has no integrated Breadcrumb feature. Instead it makes use of Joomla's default mod_breadcrumb. If you don't see the breadcrumbs on the Ninjaboard pages, it's most likely that you don't have the mod_breadcrumb module published at all. To do so, go to the module manager and click New. Choose the mod_breadcrumb module, configure it and publish it.
I don't see a Breadcrumb-like navigation within the Ninjaboard pages.
This is because Ninjaboard has no integrated Breadcrumb feature. Instead it makes use of Joomla's default mod_breadcrumb. If you don't see the breadcrumbs on the Ninjaboard pages, it's most likely that you don't have the mod_breadcrumb module published at all. To do so, go to the module manager and click New. Choose the mod_breadcrumb module, configure it and publish it.
Upon installation I got a message saying that Ninjaboard does not install properly or does not install at all.

The Ninjaboard install package has a size that is slightly over 2MB. Usually the most common servers are allowing you to upload/install a file with the maximum filesize of 4MB. However, Some servers are set to a maximum filesize of 2MB which could give you such message saying that Ninjaboard can not be installed.

What you can do is to contact your host and ask them if they can increase the max_filesize on your server.
Otherwise try to install Ninjaboard by using the Install From URL method.

Enter the following command in the Install From URL field:


I am using 1 Ninja product. Ninja Board is the best!!! And I am going to add more ninja products on my site!!! Ninja is the perfect look for my site!!! Keep going, you are the best!!! Loyal Ninja Oki
The support received was fantastical. Posted issues regarding issue installing NB and was kept informed throughtout until the issue was resolved. The information provided was right on the money. Please keep it up.


Ninjaboard sh404SEF Plugin

sh404SEF extension for Ninjaboard.


Ninjaboard Latest Posts

Ninjaboard Latest Posts allows you to display your forum topics and posts with the utmost versatility and control. Show only the posts you want to the users you want.

The new smooth jQuery scroller lets you display your posts in a scroller, and the format options let you display your posts exactly like you want.


Ninjaboard Random Posts

Ninjaboard Random Posts allows you to display your forum topics and posts with the utmost versatility and control. Show only the posts you want to the users you want.

The new smooth jQuery scroller lets you display your posts in a scroller, and the format options let you display your posts exactly like you want.


Ninjaboard Related Posts

Ninjaboard Related Posts allows you to display your forum topics and posts with the utmost versatility and control. Show only the posts you want to the users you want.

The new smooth jQuery scroller lets you display your posts in a scroller, and the format options let you display your posts exactly like you want.


Ninjaboard Popular Posts

Posts allows you to display your forum topics and posts with the utmost versatility and control. Show only the posts you want to the users you want.

The new smooth jQuery scroller lets you display your posts in a scroller, and the format options let you display your posts exactly like you want.


Ninjaboard All-In-One Posts

Ninjaboard All-in-One Posts allows you to display your forum posts and topics with the utmost versatility and control.

Show only the posts you want to the users you want. The new smooth jQuery scroller lets you display your posts in a scroller, and the format options let you display your posts exactly like you want.


Ninjaboard Beta

This is the beta channel for Ninjaboard, it allows you to always use the latest beta release by clicking Check for Updates right within the dashboard.

Do not use Beta releases in production!

IMPORTANT: Ninjaboard currently lacks some features on Joomla 2.5 (eg: there are no working modules for it and the Personal Messaging feature is broken).


SMF Authentication Plugin

This plugin enables users imported from a stand alone SMF installation to Joomla to continue using their old password.

You install this plugin after you have used the Ninjaboard converter.

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