Ninja UserSplash

Ninja UserSplash lets you display your users on your website and add useful functionality such as “contact user”, “add user”, etc in a simple mootools powered toolbar.


Users can be sorted as:

  • Random Users
  • Latest of Profile Book
  • Latest Registered Users
  • Latest Logged Users
  • Popular Users
  • Latest Updated Profiles
  • Online Users
  • Latest RSGallery Updates
  • Latest Pony Gallery Updates
  • More Photos (Nants Gallery)
  • More Posts (Fireboard)
  • Latest Posts (Fireboard)
  • # Of Friends
  • Latest Nants Gallery
  • Most Commented (Profile Book)

You can show a toolbar (with options to show/hide with a nice JS Mootools effect) with:

  • Send PM
  • Send MAIL
  • View Profile
  • View Group
  • Manage Connection (add or delete it)
  • A new User Smart Page
  • A lightbox small user page with some info (thought for those who don't want the toolbar or want to just show a small user info.)

Also some with some of the features:

  • Username/Name Selection
  • Username/Name letter limit
  • Can hide from specific groups Toolbar, Module or Lightbox
  • Multi Language support
  • Refined Parameters such as "Show users without Avatar" or "Show users without approved avatar"
  • Online Status Indicator
  • Updated Style System


Version: 1.0.2 Date:2nd December, 2011 State: Maintenance Release

  • Removed english.php, modified all lang strings and moved them into a proper language file
  • Added checks for GroupJive to prevent 500 errors if the component isn't installed
  • Formatted code - indentation, etc
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