Ninja Redirect

Place this simple module on the pages of your website that you want to "hide" from your selected users. Select users or usergroups to redirect, and then setup a page to which you want to redirect them. It's that easy!

In its essence Ninja Redirect is a module that lets you hide pages from a set of users by redirecting them to another page.


  • Can select users by either standard Joomla user groups - guest, author etc.
  • Can enter custom group id's
  • Can also enter individual user id's for even finer grained control
  • Select list of common redirection locations - e.g. hompage, register page
  • Custom redirect url also possible, including external sites.


  • Install the Ninja Redirect
  • Publish the module on any pages you wish to redirect people away from. Note: you can copy the module multiple times to create different redirects.
  • Select the groups you want to redirect, or enter their group ids for non default joomla groups, or even enter their user ids if you need more fine grained control.
  • Select the redirect location, and if using a custom url ensure that all information is correct, and that the http:// is included.
  • Enter the group id for any non standard groups, or the user ids for any users you wish to be redirected.
  • Finally publish the module.


Version: 3.0.1

Date: July 2012

State: Bugfix Release

  • Minor fix for usergroups

Version: 3.0.0

Date: June 2012

State: Compatibility Release

  • Removed Joomla 1.0 support and added J2.5 support

Version: 2.0.1

Date: June 2009

State: Major Rebuild

  • Tweaked to work in IE correctly.

Version: 2

Date: August 2008

State: Major Rebuild

  • Converted to Hybrid module.
  • Added check boxes for standard joomla groups
  • Added ability to enter userids

Version: 1

Date: February 2008

State: Initial Release

  • Support to default urls or selected one, support for multiple groups...
  • XHTML 1.0 and CSS Valid
  • Both J! 1.1x and J! 1.5 version available
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