Ninja MultiContent

Ninja MultiContent is designed to let you submit multiple article at the same time.

You must Enable NinjaMultiContent Readmore plugin, and disable the default readmore button, in order for readmores to work in multicontent


  • Submit Multiple Content Items at once
  • Assign global settings or override them per article


  • PHP 5.2.0 or later.
  • PHP mysqli extension enabled. (mysqli means "MySQL improved", gives access to new features in MySQL 4.1 and above).
  • MySQL v5.0.41 or later.
  • Suhosin users need to add tmpl:// to their protocol whitelist. (


Version: 1.0.0 Date: January 2011 State: Stable Release

  • Started Joomla! 1.6 support (wip)
  • Articles can now be saved to the frontpage
  • Redirect to com_content on save

Version: 1.0.0 Date: 21st November 2010 State: Initial Alpha Release

  • Submit Multiple Content Items at Once
  • Individual Article Overrides
  • Multiple Instance Readmore content button Plugin


  • Multi Categories
  • Multi Sections
  • Assign to Menu Item
  • Metadata Support

Frequently Asked Questions

When installing Ninja MultiContent the installation hangs on 'Please wait, checking for additional packages...'
Ninja MultiContent uses javascript in its installation script, there are 2 known 3rd Party extensions that can cause the installer to break:

  • Jomsocial System plugin
  • Javascript SDK System plugin

Please temporarily unpublish the system plugin and try the installation again. When the installation has completed you can re-publish the system plugin.

If you are not using any of the above extensions, or this solution does not resolve the problem, please post in our forums for help.
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