Ninja Modulizer

Place a module position with a different style or even direction -inside- another module position.

Group together and display separate modules as though they were a single module.

Execute Custom CSS, JavaScript and PHP, as well as output your own content in addition to the modules.

All this and more is possible with Ninja Modulizer!

Possible uses:

  • Putting two thin modules above/below a wide one in a single module position.
  • Having different styles of modules within a single module position, raw/div/horiz. etc.
  • Joining separate modules together into what appears to be a single module, by displaying them with raw output within a modulized div.


  • load PHP, CSS, JS or Custom content with the modules
  • Display the titles of contained modules
  • Contained modules respect ACL rules as set in the module itself
  • Contained modules can have their own module suffixes
  • Display the contained modules in different formats, even horizontal!
  • Optionally load contained modules in a custom template module Chrome
  • Loads the language file for contained modules
  • New dashboard with instructions, troubleshooting FAQ and more
  • Built in Validator to check your module ids
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