Ninja Clicky

Ninja Clicky will help you quickly set up the Clicky Analytics service on your website.


  1. Go to and click on Register Now (left side, red text)
  2. Fill in all appropriate fields, including the url in the given http:// field
  3. GetClicky will take you to a page that has all sorts of coding that you don't need because you have ninja clicky. What you do need, however, is you site id and the database information that getclicky has listed for you. To find this information, click on "Home" near the upper left in the top menu and then just below Home you will have two blue, hyperlinked options of "customize your dashboard" or "site preferences." Select "site preferences."
  4. Here you will find you "Site ID" along with a "DB Server", "Site key", "Admin key," etc. The only things you need is the "Site ID".
  5. Go to your module paramerters of ninja clicky in joomla and insert the "site ID" into the "Site ID" field.
  6. Ensure that Ninja Clicky is enabled on all pages (or your info won't be tracked).


Version: 2.0.0 Date: April, 11 State: Feature Release

  • Added Joomla 1.6 support
  • Moved assets to the media folder
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