Removing plugin code from the RSS feed?

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Is there any way to automatically remove plugin code from the RSS feed?

I for instance have a plugin for galleries:


This turns into a gallery on the Joomla site, but shows only as text on the RSS feed. So can it be taken away, or the component updated to remove it? Would be great!

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Hi felham,

Welcome to NinjaForge .

Can you try this suggestion please.


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Ok, thanks. I upgraded from an old version now, and chose to execute it (then teh images are shown in the RSS feed as well). If I choose not to execute them, the {gallery}-text is there.

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Sorry for the slow reply on this.

I am working on a fix right now.

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How soon will this fix be available? I needed it like yesterday. :)

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Hi Bezworks,

There is a whole plugin to do it for you now! I probably should have bumped this thread to let people know, sorry.

You can get it right here

It does require a silver membership though.

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This should be a part of the RSS by default. You don't think so? :) Most Joomla sites will probably have plugins within content.

Nevertheless, I just upgraded.

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Sigh... I just upgraded unnecessarily. :( This REMOVES tags. I need it to actually RENDER plugins so that content shows up properly in the RSS feed.

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Hi bezworks,

I'm sorry you were disappointed. If you would like a refund, please send an email to support@[thiswebsite].

Daniel will have to confirm this, but AFAIK, what you want is just not possible due to the nature of Joomla plugins. The most common type of plugin only works within com_content and there is no way for us to make it run in Ninja RSS Syndicator short of modifying that plugin specifically for Ninja RSS.

Hopefully Dan tells me I'm wrong.

Kind regards,

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Hi Bezworks,

A simple misunderstanding and so much goes wrong :(

As Mark said, we can refund it for you if you like, however here is the situation:

Older versions had an option to render content plugins in the feed, but I removed it because it was causing way more problems for people than it was fixing, galleries, Javascript, modules, comments and other things being rendered into the feeds and killing them.

So instead, after discussion with some other users, we opted to remove the functionality from the core, and put it into plugins.

Why? Because you can reorder plugins to suit your needs. But you can't reorder the component's execution order on every site.

The down side to this is that the plugins are no longer rendered by default, but what you can do is add a function to the plugins ( onPrepareNinjaRSSFeedRow or onPrepareNinjaRSSFeed ) you want to render that executes when Ninja RSS is processing the feed content, then use the feed stripper plugin to strip out the tags you don't want to render.

If you download our Enclosure plugin, or Ninja Access, you will see the new function name inside them. Alternatively, if it's just 1-3 plugins you want to activate, email them to me at daniel at this site and I can fix them for you.

I know it's a hassle, and I apologise, but I had 1/3 of our members wanting to strip tags completely before executing, 1/3 wanting to execute all plugins, and 1/3 wanting to execute some plugins but not all.

This was the only way to give everyone what they wanted.

p.s. you can feel free to encourage the makers of those content plugins to support Ninja RSS :p

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Just a bump for you Bezworks,

Do you need me to help you with those plugins?

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Hey Daniel,

I think I'm good. Since Joomla can't actually process plugins before placing them in a feed (and you're 100% sure of this right?), then this plugin is actually essential.

Does this work for AllVideos Plugin and OnePixelPlayer?

Thanks again!


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For those two, you can't put videos into your feed (except as an enclosure)

So I would suggest using the tag stripper plugin to remove the tags, and if you want, you can also use our enclosure plugin to add your videos and audio as enclosures.

Note though that RSS only support one enclosure per "item" (i.e. an article in Joomla).

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