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Daniel Chapman Daniel Chapman
Nagoya, Japan

Daniel Chapman

Born in Australia but living in Nagoya, Japan, Daniel Chapman is the Director and founder of Ninja Forge. He has been working in IT for over 15 years, starting out as an Oracle database consultant and trainer, then after 10 years switching to web development and Joomla! where he has been ever since.

As well as being an expert on Joomla! extension development and web site customization, Daniel is also the author of the book Joomla! 1.5x Customization: Make Your Site Adapt to Your Needs.

Once exposed to Open Source, Daniel hasn't looked back and has worked on projects for Comcast Cable, The NBA, The Linux Foundation, and most of the major Australian universities. He has also participated on advisory boards for a number of start-up companies, and served a term as the Vice President of the Mambo Foundation.

Daniel is also very passionate about web standards and is participating in several standards groups. He has begun working towards increasing standards awareness in the Joomla! community.

He was the developer behind most of the original Ninja Forge extensions, and is currently focusing his energies on Ninjamonials and Ninja RSS Syndicator.

Daniel can often be found going under the pseudonym Danayel.

When he isn't coding, Daniel spends his time with his family, working on his house and garden, studying or pursuing one of his many hobbies.

Photo of Richie Mortimer Richie Mortimer
Yorkshire, England

Richie Mortimer

Based in the Yorkshire, England, Richie Mortimer's first foray into Joomla! development was a small modification of an early Ninja Forge extension; He has been on the Ninja Forge team ever since.

Richie initially became interested in Joomla! when he decided to inflict upon the world his poetic genius. Having failed to make an impact in the literary world he found his true calling as a Joomla! developer.

Since his arrival on the Ninja Forge team, he has worked on a variety of extensions and is currently the lead developer for Ninja Content.

Photo of Stian Didriksen Stian Didriksen
Molde, Norway

Stian Didriksen

Stian Didriksen built his first Joomla powered website in 2007, and since then has completely immersed himself in PHP and Javascript.

Born and raised in Norway, he graduated from his vocational Electrical Power studies in June, 2009 and joined Ninja Forge as a Developer soon after.

Stian loves Icon Design, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, User Experiece Design, and the Nooku framework. When he isn't working on his baby, the Ninjaboard project, Stian is our javascript expert.

Apart from his commitments here at Ninja Forge, Stian also works on the Nooku project.

When he isn't outputting code, he can usually be found kicking butt in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy 7, and other such productive enterprises. He is a movie geek, and once professed to an interest in romantic comedies, but has since vehemently denied this, claiming he was under the influence of alcohol at the time.

Mark Simpson Mark Simpson
Lautoka, Fiji

Mark Simpson

Mark Simpson was born and raised in the Fiji Islands and spent the first 15 years of his life outdoors, far removed from anything resembling a computer. This ideallic lifestyle was ruined when he was consumed by the unholy distractions of modern computing. He went on to develop an interest in HTML and the web in general.

His title at Ninja Forge changes to reflect whatever is fashionable and have recently included "Web Developer", "UX Designer" and "UI Designer" etc, but Mark knows deep down that nothing really defines all the little things he does better than the old-skool term "Webmaster".

John Bartels John Bartels
Eindhoven, Netherlands

John Bartels

Born, raised and still living in the Netherlands, John is a graphic designer and an amateur musician who loves to make websites in his spare time.

On his journey to learn more about web design and leave old school HTML websites behind, he stepped into the wonderful world of Joomla and Joomla extensions. He soon discovered Ninja Forge, where he was impressed with the support he received.

Learning from the Ninjas and others in a short time, he decided to help other people from the community and share knowledge because of his belief and dedication to what Ninja Forge stands for: "putting massive heart and soul and true devotion into the work you do."

His outstanding work on the support forum soon got him noticed and he was offered a position in the team. At Ninja Forge, John is a tester, translator and provides support to the community on the Ninja Forge Forums.

When he's not busy at Ninja Forge he spends his time with his beloved wife and kids, and his German Shepard. He spends the late hours of the day on his favorite hobbies: playing guitar and composing music. He also enjoys creating 3D Graphics and 3D Animations. In the weekends, John clears his head riding his motorbike.

Captain Hook Captain Hook
Auckland, New Zealand

Captain Hook

Coming from a musical background, Hook is relatively new to the world of Joomla/Nooku/HTML/CSS and programming in general but has had for the better part of a decade his famous "i'm not afraid of breaking this" approach to understanding computers and what goes on "under the hood".

As someone who knows just enough to be dangerous, Hook was instantly drawn to Ninjaboard and Nooku and within weeks of first using Ninjaboard/Joomla began to ruthlessly hack and destroy Stian's beautiful code in attempts to understand it after being accepted into the beta team. Not having his curiosity satisfied by submitting a plethora of bug reports and request submissions, Hook began his journey on learning Nooku in an effort to further contribute to the Ninjaboard community and also attempt to help resolve user issues in the forums.

Recognizing the reckless nature and potential danger, Stian and the Ninja Forge team decided it wise to contain and control Hook's output and guide him on the enlightened path of the Ninjurai. An ex-microsoft user and avid fan of OSX (and most Apple products), Hooks enjoys and promotes simple solutions and intuitive user interaction and interfaces.

From his life in the music industry working as the Head Engineer in the countries most prestigious recording studio, being signed to a major label (Warners) and producing/mixing gold selling records for his previous band and others, to his work and exploration in photography and moving image, Hook is a creative at heart and more than anything loves to learn.

Now being freelance, Hook spends his days in New Zealand producing/mixing for local and international clients, working as a photographer/retoucher and filmmaker, learning as much as possible about web and application development, and continuing to beta test and provide support where possible to the Ninjaboard community.

At the end of 2010 Hook also developed a new interest in computer fighting games such as Street Fighter 2 and Marvel vs Capcom 3 and created/maintains a website for the NZ based community helping to run bi-weekly events and national competitions at

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