Ninja Forge Modules are designed with the highest standards in mind.

Whenever possible we try to ensure all our extensions produce only valid, standard CSS and XHTML code, making your website as future proof as possible.

We also do our best to make our extensions as accessible as possible, taking into consideration different languages, and physical access requirements while developing our extensions.


  • Standard Modules   ( 7 Articles )

    The Ninja Forge range of standard modules differ from our Web 2.0 modules in that they usually don't rely on JavaScript for their functionality.

    This makes them much more robust as there are no JavaScript conflicts to be concerned about.

    Our standard modules mainly provide you with extra functionality to assist with laying out items of importance around your site. This extra functionality is to reduce the burden and time required to get your site to the state you want it

  • Web 2.0 Modules   ( 15 Articles )

    The Ninja Forge range of Web 2.0 modules are almost exclusively powered by the mootools JavaScript library.

    The are designed to provide you with a combination of dhtml and Ajax functionality which allows you to make the best use of the space available on your website and provide your users with attractive interactive elements which boost their appreciation of your site.

    They allow you to have a site that is more rich while at the same time is faster and easier to interact with.