Ninja IE De-Griefer

No Grief With This Module

Tired of installing advanced, useful or interactive modules on yoursite only to find out that Internet Explorer can't handle it, or can'thandle it in combination with another one, forcing you leave behindgreat functionality?


Now you no longer have to choosebetween functionality, usability and compatability! You can rewardthose users with feature filled browsers, without excluding those userswith older browsers.


A complete, simpler, more advanced and more stable rebuild of ourfamous Shapechanger module, the IE De-Griefer takes the grief and painout of choosing what modules you can use on your site.


It allows you to specify several modules via their id and thendecide which browsers to display them in. IE6, IE7 or others. This wayyou can choose to show your advanced modules on browsers with theability to support them, and show alternatives on those that can't.


It also correctly responds to module parameters in the contained,inner modules such as published, display title, and module suffixes


But wait there is even more! Not a set of steak knives though, it'sthe fact that the IE De-Griefer also respects viewing permissions forthe modules allowing them to only be displayed for the right people, inthe right browser.