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Dear all,

Quick question about PHP versions.

The well respected developer NoNumber! has loads of good extensions as you probably know. His extension manager though now requires PHP 5.3.x as apparently PHP 5.2.x is horribly buggy and no longer supported by PHP.

My host is operating PHP 5.2.17 which seems fine for the moment (Joomla! only requires PHP 5.2.4 I think) but do you sense that more and more extensions will start to require PHP 5.3.x?

I don't really want to get all my clients to switch hosts if it's unnecessary, but equally if it's going to be better in the long run, perhaps I should do it sooner rather than later.

Many thanks for your advice.


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Hi Dave,

I find it interesting that Peter/NoNumber! has chosen to go down that route. I run PHP 5.2.17 myself.

Most little standalone modules and plugins will never benefit from the new features PHP 5.3+ brings, but many bigger components definitely could.

I think it will be a year or two before PHP 5.3 being required becomes the norm.

I would definitely recommend putting -new- clients on a PHP 5.3 host, and moving the others across when you next bill them for a new year of hosting.

Good luck!


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Hi Mark,

Many thanks for your really helpful reply. I think new clients will definitely go onto PHP 5.3_ and then I'll try to move others over as you suggest. My concern is that will some extensions not work with PHP 5.3+ and so we find ourselves between a rock and a hard place.. some extensions requiring it and some not working with it.

Ah.... these things are sent to try us :)


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