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... when translated string is longer then original.
(Copy from Transifex)

You should add some more space in the administration,
when some strings got translated they're not displayed
properly bcz of the limitation of the fields.

Or to make them floating, when a line get longer to be
auto LFCR on next line like the Tool-tip.


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Hi ilivanov,

Thanks for pointing out.
We shall see if there's something to do about it.
Also thanks for taking the effort for translating Ninjaboard. Highly appreciated!

Great Job!

Kind regards,

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I'll keep maintain them up to date.

The settings screen bug can be solved (but no idea how), instead of limiting all options in one column only like now, to be Fit to screen.

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Thanks for reporting, this is now fixed in the upcoming 1.1.4 release :)

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This is not fixed in 1.1.4

Step to reproduce the bug
1. Install Ninjaboard 1.1.3
2. Check for new version on the CPanel of Ninjaboard
3. Install latest 1.1.4 build
4. Click Configuration
5. Click New Configuration

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Hi ilivanov,

Can you try to clear Joomla's Cache and Purge Expired Cache.
Also, try to clear your browser's Cache.

I've tested and checked the overlapping issue with v 1.1.4 and I can confirm it is fixed!


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Yeah it was the cache.... but why configuration is placed only in half of the screen ?

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Ok, thanks for letting us know.

It's meant this way. If the form fields are stretching out over the whole page then it looks not well.
On the other hand I think this space might be saved/reserved for the upcoming new features/settings.


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All discovered in 1.1.5

Hardcoded "Add"
I've double checked the translations, there is no such string "Add Settings"

In tab Members another one
"by usergroup" and Listing 1 User

In Themes, there is no options to Copy and Modify the existing template

"Board Details" is not located in the current language files (1.1.5) in Settings/Add Settings
"Messaging Settings" ---------------- || -----------------------------
"Avatar Settings" ----------------------|| ----------------------------

In Forums/New Forum
"Customization" is not located in current language files
In same place

Tabs with Access Groups are untranslatable, such as Unregistered, Registered, Moderator, Administrator, Banned

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Hi ilivanov.

Thanks for reporting, I will take a look at everything.
I will let you know my findings.

Kind regards,

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Hey ilivanov,

I leave most of that to the John and the others in the team, but as far as the template options are concerned, here is the story:

There is currently no support for multiple templates.
This is in the pipeline though, and that will come later in the year.

In any case, this doesn't prevent you from doing anything you want to do, it just has to be done in the usual Joomla way... overrides.

In order to copy and modify the existing template, copy the files to your Joomla template folder and modify them there. No extension in the Joomla world does overrides with as much power as Ninjaboard does... whether it's php, css, js, or image files, they can all be overrided in the proper Joomla manner. Read about how to do that here:


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Hi ilivanov,

I've tried to update some of the strings you mentioned in your previous post.
Most of them are hardcoded, I didn't make an attempt to make those translatable because Stian is working on Ninjaboard 1.2 and thus those strings might become translatable at the time of the 1.2 release.

I will check this with Stian and notify him anyway.

I hope this helps for now.
See Changelog for more info.

Thanks for your feedback.

Kind regards,

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