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Hey, I've been having some serious issues with my registrations. When I register to my site, I get a conformation email, click on the conformation link, it says my username and password don't exist. I checked the back end and it's showing that I'm in the system. From the backend, I typed in the password again and saved it, still doesn't recognize me from the front end.

I can create a new user from the backend and it works fine.

I am using AEC and Alpha Registration.

Anybody have any idea what would cause something like this to happen or where I should begin looking?

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Is this a live site, or on a dev server, or localhost?

I would start by removing/disabling Alpha Registration and seeing if the problem still arose; perhaps those two components don't play together nicely for some reason?!

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Sneaky sneaky you are! Problem solved. Appreciate it!

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My pleasure. I've certainly learned from experience that, if you haven't already, to have a WAMP or a live dev domain and if things don't play nice, then take a backup (Akeeba, of course) and slowly uninstall/unpublish components until things start working again... hopefully :)

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