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I have a question for anyone who might know the answer!

I have alpha registration and aec but I couldn't get the registration set up the way I wanted so I'm not using aec for registration.

After users register to my site and login, I would like them to choose one of my aec plans. Preferably, I'd like the login to take users to my plans page. Which I can easily do. But if they're already in one of the plans I wouldn't want the login taking them to the plans page.

I considered putting the ninja access module on all pages for register users asking them to click to see plans.

Just wondering if anyone has a better idea on how I should accomplish this?

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I figured something out.

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i was going to suggest creating your own login module and querying AEC to check whether they have a plan on login, and then redirecting,

but looks like you sorted something out :)

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