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What can I say,
You Ninja's surpise me over again.
Does this ever stop? :laugh: (hope not)

Just installed Ninja Clicky and created an account @ getclicky dot com.
The whole setup took no longer than two or three minutes.
Works like a charm and find it very useful.
What great things can be achieved by such a small and clever solution, awsome! :woohoo:

Thanks for this one! ;)


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LOL you are awesome! :D

Nice to get good feedback.

Ninja Clicky is definitely one of our easiest to use extensions, almost as easy as Ninja Simple Icon Menu.


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And...yes, it definitely does never stop :lol:

Btw, thanks to your dev site Ninja Clicky (and others) came under my attention.
Very interesting site and a great showcase for Ninja Forge extensions, good job ;)

Have a nice weekend :)

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:) Looks good!

Seems to have some background images on the list items though.

Sticking this in your joomla template.css file should do the trick:

div.nsi-container li {background:transparent !important;}


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Thanks :)

somehow the text was messed up so I had to display it this way instead of using the code tags.

I had to add this to your code (highlighted in red):

div.nsi-container li {
background:transparent !important;

list-style-type: none !important;

I guess because of this, defined elsewhere in the same template css:

ul li {list-style: square;margin-left: 15px;}

I could simply comment out the second code but I thought it would affect the overall use of list items.

Anyway, I do appreciate your suggestion because I didn't know where to look in the first place to get rid of the squares (list items). You pointed me in the right direction, good job! :)

Respectable, the way how you come with suggestions and fixes in general, just out of nowhere! True Ninja, if you ask me ;)

Suggestion: May be it's wise to move the last 3 replies to 'Ninja Simple Icon Menu' Forum?

Thumbs Up :)

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Glad you banished the li backgrounds John; Good job spotting the list-style.

I couldn't actually see the menu on your site, so was just going from the html/css on my dev site.

Happy to help when I can :)

Unfortunately Fireboard (this forum) doesn't let you split threads. Neither can Ninjaboard, but Stian says he will make that possible before the stable release.

Have a good weekend!

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Hi Mark,

No wonder you didn't see it, Simple Icons Menu is only showing up when logged in (registered users only).
My bad ;)

I'm really looking forward to the overall progress of Ninjaboard :cheer:

(hmm...bad english, but I guess you know what I mean :laugh: )

I hope you had a good weekend too :)


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Hmmm, must be a bug in our system; your badge seems to have changed. I could have sworn it used to say "Gold".

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Strange indeed...may be there's a fix for it. I have no idea, this goes behind my knowledge...:whistle:'re kidding me, right? :laugh:

Don't know what to say, totally lost for words. :woohoo:
I couldn't believe my eyes and rubbed them twice in case I was not dreaming.

This is much more then I ever could wish for.
It really means a lot to me!

Thank you VERY, very, very much!!! (makes a bow)

OK, eventually I've manage to find some words to express myself:

Remember, thanks to you Ninja's @ Ninja Forge, the way how you believe in your work AND make one of the best quality extensions out of it AND give excellent feedback AND give others the opportunity to take part of some of your projects, the open mindedness, appreciation, was and still is simply a reason for me to stick around and I'm sure it's a reason for others too.

It's my pleasure to help anywhere I can.

Mark, you guy's, you really made may day...again ;)

I can't thank you enough!

Cheerful greetings,

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You're welcome John. With all the help you've given the community, you absolutely deserved this; and I'm sure the people you've helped agree :)


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