My image is not displaying. What can I do?

Please ensure that you have configured valid path and image information.
Select as File Location Relation "Images Directory", if you uploaded your image via the Media Manager and "Template Directory" when the image is part of your default template. In these two cases you have to enter a relative path/image-name.png value at the File Name and Details field.

When you've created another folder for your images, then please select "Other/URL" and enter a relative path/image.png at the File Name and Details field, starting at the root of your Joomla! installation. And when you want to load the image from an external source, please enter the complete URL (

My image link should open a new window/tab.

Please select "New Window" as URL target. Thus an target="_blank" attribute will be set.

My image should not have any margins.

Please set the margin values to zero. In this case they are not evaluated.

The margins do not have any effect. What's up there?

The margins do affect elements according to their positioning type. With relative positioning the element will be left docked to the so called DOM tree and can be displaced by the margins. Under certain circumstances this can affect surrounding HTML elements.

With absolute positioning the element will be undocked from the DOM tree and the margins are distances to the border of the browser window. With this positioning type you have to choose two reference edges from where your image/module is positioned. They must not be opposed! The two unneeded values you can simply set to zero for not being evaluated.

My module is not displayed, What can I do?

At the overview of your installed modules (Extensions > Module Manager) you can see a tabular list. The last column on the right side shows the numerical ID of your modules. This number you have to enter at the field "Module ID", so that Ninjimage is able to load it.

My module is double displayed on the page.

Ninjimage loads the module information directly from the database. Hence it is not necessary to activate the related module and should be left deactivated.

I can look through the header.

By default the background color of the enclosing container is set to transparent. If you don't like that, please enter a hexadecimal RGB value started by a hash mark in the field "Background Color".

My draggable image/module is not movable.

In order to move elements on a web page it is necessary to load the jQuery framework and the NinjImage script. However this is disabled by default, because for fixed elements there is no need to load them. Simply select "Include" at the JavaScript Parameters for both, the framework and the Ninjimage script.

Scripts are loaded, anyhow my image/module is not draggable.

There are known incompatibilities between different JavaScript frameworks. Please ensure that this is not the case or visit our forums, because one of our experts will have to throw an eye onto your page. It's very difficult to give tips for this kind of problems without knowing the environment.

I have dragging problems with Opera and Internet Explorer.

Draggable elements should be whenever possible positioned absolute. Unfortunately the software developer's different interpretation of well known web standards are causing problems again and again. The Firefox developers for instance follow W3C standards and even this is the reason, why this browser has the smallest potential for unpredictable errors.

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