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How do I convert a normal font into a sIFR font?
The best place to learn how to do this is the site of the sIFR wiki at We have included the flash source file in the 'flash source' directory for your convenience.
How do I convert a font into a sIFR font if I don't have the Flash 8 editor or higher?
We are willing to convert fonts for paid Ninja Forge members on request (within reason). Just make sure you give us a couple of days. You can either ask on the forum, with a link to your font, or attach it to the post. Or email us at support(at) with the font attached. IF we can share the font aferwards, the sevice is free. If you want it private for yourself, then we charge $5 for the conversion.
Why don't my sIFR fonts change?
Check that you set the Display Location Preferences correctly, then make sure the plugin is published. Faling this check for other flash installed on your site which may (rarely) sometimes conflict with sIFR
Why are my links an ugly blue color?
Make sure you check the box 'Will there be any links in this selector?' if there are links you want to sIFR. If you do not check this then you will get the default blue link color.
An image/flash object/video on my page dissapeared.
The sIFR code literally replaces the entire text objects with a flash object. If you have anything other than text inside your sIFRed HTML tags, then they will usually be removed. This can't be avoided for the sIFR to work. Please move the items outside of the tags you want to sIFR
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