Ninja Access Module

Can I have multiple Ninja Access Modules on one page?

Yes you can. Just copy the module and enter different parameters for it.

How do I change the order the modules appear in?

Simply change the order that they are entered into the Module IDs field.

Can I use a different Module Suffix?

You can change the module class suffix if you wish to use your template's module styling. We recommend "-flush" however, as in 99% of cases it will give the best appearance.

What types of modules can I use?

We are confident that you can use almost any type of module. We would like to say that every module will work, and we think they will. But there may be one out there with special requirements that doesn't work.

Why don't my contained extensions appear?
Check that they are all published, that you have set their parameters correctly, and that you have entered the correct ids into the module ids parameter.
Why don't my contained extensions have the correct styling for my template?
Some templates use 4 div modules, some use 1, also some use module classes and some use moduletable. Try different combinations of the "Inner Module Div Count" and "Module Div class" to get the correct styling for your modules.
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