Extensions and Purchasing

Can I test out an extension before buying it?
Currently we have some front end demonstrations of our extensions available on our demo site. Administrator demonstrations however are currently not available. With our 90 day guarantee though, you are free to get your money back if the extension doesn't do what you believed it to. So you have nothing to lose by getting a membership and trying it out.
Can I keep using the extensions if I cancel my membership?
Yes you can. However, you won't be able to download any patches or updates to the extensions anymore. You will also lose access to support.
I only want a single extension. Can I buy it separately?
Absolutely. You can buy access to any commercial extension for a separate fee. You could get a developer membership instead and access everything for longer. The developer membership is much better value for money, but is not a good choice for people who only want extension.
I don't have a Paypal account, how do I pay?
Paypal also accepts credit cards, but if you still can't use Paypal, please contact us to discuss an alternative.
I work for a non profit with a low budget. Can we get free extensions?
We are certainly willing to work with people from non profit groups, or for that matter anyone without the funds to purchase a membership. All we ask is for a fair trade of value for value. Check out our Bug Your Way In program for more information.
I paid for my membership, but I can't download. Why not?
Sometimes you may need to log out, clear your browser cache, and then log in again before your account updates itself. This is because some browers are a little over enthusiastic about remembering your session information in Joomla and it continues to remember your old membership level. If you still can't download an hour after purchasing a membership, please contact us immediately.
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