Ninja Date

This very simple module is designed to display a date and or time in a variety of formats and styles without having to edit the css for your site.

Site owners can decide whether to style the date with their own hand written CSS, via the built in parameters, or alternatively append a class to the date and use the template's built in styelesheets. Site owners can also decide to show the date in p, div, or span tags whichever is appropriate to their site.


  • Install the Ninja Date
  • Publish the module in the location whee you want the date to appear.
  • Decide on if you want to write yoru own css style, use the parameters or use your own template css via a class, then set the parameters accordingly.
  • Finally publish, and enjoy the module.

You may wish to keep the -flush moduleclass suffix as this will hide the module styling and only show the date by itself.

PHP Date Format Tokens:

format characterDescriptionExample returned values
Day --- ---
d Day of the month, 2 digits with leading zeros 01 to 31
D A textual representation of a day, three letters Mon through Sun
j Day of the month without leading zeros 1 to 31
l (lowercase 'L') A full textual representation of the day of the week Sunday through Saturday
N ISO-8601 numeric representation of the day of the week (added in PHP 5.1.0) 1 (for Monday) through 7 (for Sunday)
S English ordinal suffix for the day of the month, 2 characters st, nd, rd or th. Works well with j
w Numeric representation of the day of the week 0 (for Sunday) through 6 (for Saturday)
z The day of the year (starting from 0) 0 through 365
Week --- ---
W ISO-8601 week number of year, weeks starting on Monday (added in PHP 4.1.0) Example: 42 (the 42nd week in the year)
Month --- ---
F A full textual representation of a month, such as January or March January through December
m Numeric representation of a month, with leading zeros 01 through 12
M A short textual representation of a month, three letters Jan through Dec
n Numeric representation of a month, without leading zeros 1 through 12
t Number of days in the given month 28 through 31
Year --- ---
L Whether it's a leap year 1 if it is a leap year, 0 otherwise.
o ISO-8601 year number. This has the same value as Y, except that if the ISO week number (W) belongs to the previous or next year, that year is used instead. (added in PHP 5.1.0) Examples: 1999 or 2003
Y A full numeric representation of a year, 4 digits Examples: 1999 or 2003
y A two digit representation of a year Examples: 99 or 03
Time --- ---
a Lowercase Ante meridiem and Post meridiem am or pm
A Uppercase Ante meridiem and Post meridiem AM or PM
B Swatch Internet time 000 through 999
g 12-hour format of an hour without leading zeros 1 through 12
G 24-hour format of an hour without leading zeros 0 through 23
h 12-hour format of an hour with leading zeros 01 through 12
H 24-hour format of an hour with leading zeros 00 through 23
i Minutes with leading zeros 00 to 59
s Seconds, with leading zeros 00 through 59
Timezone --- ---
e Timezone identifier (added in PHP 5.1.0) Examples: UTC, GMT, Atlantic/Azores
I (capital i) Whether or not the date is in daylight saving time 1 if Daylight Saving Time, 0 otherwise.
O Difference to Greenwich time (GMT) in hours Example: +0200
P Difference to Greenwich time (GMT) with colon between hours and minutes (added in PHP 5.1.3) Example: +02:00
T Timezone abbreviation Examples: EST, MDT ...
Z Timezone offset in seconds. The offset for timezones west of UTC is always negative, and for those east of UTC is always positive. -43200 through 50400
Full Date/Time --- ---
c ISO 8601 date (added in PHP 5) 2004-02-12T15:19:21+00:00


Version: 2.5.0 Date: June 2009 State: Bug Fix Release

  • Bug fixed at the dashboard helper
  • Module translated into German

Version: 2.0.0 Date: June 2008 State: Upgrade Release

  • Complete rebuild into Single file hybrid install for Joomla 1.0 and 1.5
  • Added ability to add classes instead of using built in params
  • XHTML and CSS Validity
  • Added 'page default' parameter choices to allow certain parameters to be ignored.

Version: 1.0.0 Date: March 2007 State:

  • Ability to chose between hand written style and parameter designed.
  • Date output in spann tags

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have multiple Ninja Dates on one page?
Yes you can. Just copy the module and enter different parameters for it. The module id is used to create a CSS id on the date tags, making them all unique and stylable independently.
Can I use a different Module Suffix?
You can change the module class suffix if you wish to use your template's module styling. We reccomend -flush however, as in 99% of cases it will give the best appearance.
Can I use multiple classes?
Yes, simply seperate them with a space.
Why doesn't my date show?
Check that it is published, that you have set the parameters correctly, and that it is published in the right module position. The easiest way to check it is to turn on the module heading, and see that it appears.
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