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Hey guys!

I added the Ninja Clicky module to my site but cannot seem to obtain results from Get Clicky.

I have followed the directions and set up a Get Clicky account with my site name.

Any ideas?

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Can we get a link to you site please pjbeam.

We can't do much without seeing it.

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hi pjbeam,

i cant seem to see the clicky module in your source code

are you sure its published in a module position that is supported in your template

if you are and still cant get it working please pm me some admin details so i can take a look for you


Link to this post 18 Sep 08 site was hacked and went down but I have reinstalled Ninja Clicky

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hi Pj,

is it working?

if not could you pm me some admin details so i can take a look - along with the code clicky gave you


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Not sure what you are asking for

this is what is in the module

<h2 align="center">Ninja Clicky</h2><br /> <center> <a href="" target="_self"><img src="../modules/mod_ninclicky/ninclicky/box_ninclicky_sml.jpg" alt="Visit Ninjoomla" title="Visit Ninjoomla" style="border:none;&quot;/></a><br/> <br/> &copy; Copyright 2007 Richie Mortimer. All rights reserved. <p> This module will help you quickly set up a <strong><a href="" target="_blank">GetClicky</a></strong> account and use the infomation to fill in the parameters.<br/><br/> You will need to know 3 things to set up this module. All can be found in your getclicky account.<br/> <ul> <li>Affiliate ID</li> <li>.js script name</li> <li>The DB your on</li> </ul> For more infomation see param info<br /> </center> <br/ > <strong>Changelog and features:</strong><br/> V 1.1 January, 08 :<br /> <ul> <li>Updated Cleaner Code</li> <li>Make Invisible Added</li> </ul> <br/> V 1.0 October, 07 :<br /> <ul> <li>Initial Release</li> </ul> <style> .buttons {border:none; padding: 3px 0 3px 0;} </style> <center> <a href="" target="_self"><img class="buttons" src="../modules/mod_ninclicky/ninclicky/ninjoomla.png" alt="Visit Ninjoomla" title="Visit Ninjoomla"/></a><br/> <a href="" target="_self"><img class="buttons" src="../modules/mod_ninclicky/ninclicky/mootools.png" alt="Powered By mootools" title="Powered By mootools"/></a><br/> <a href="" target="_self"><img class="buttons" src="../modules/mod_ninclicky/ninclicky/jcda.png" alt="Ninjoomla is a JCDA Member" title="Ninjoomla is a JCDA Member"/></a><br/> <a href="" target="_self"><img class="buttons" src="../modules/mod_ninclicky/ninclicky/firefox2.gif" alt="Get Firefox for a better internet experience" title="Get Firefox for a better internet experience"/></a><br/> <a href="" target="_self"><img class="buttons" src="../modules/mod_ninclicky/ninclicky/validation_xhtml.png" alt="Valid XHTML Transitional" title="Valid XHTML Transitional"/></a><br/> <a href="" target="_self"><img class="buttons" src="../modules/mod_ninclicky/ninclicky/validation_css.png" alt="Valid CSS" title="Valid CSS"/></a><br/><br/><br/> </center>

I have not done anything otherwise besides enable the module, as that is what it said.

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