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I've read the pdf and really want to bring up an external page inside shadowbox. The problem I have is that the link is fired when a user clicks on a banner ad. I have a place inside the banner component to specify the url, but I can't add rel="shadowbox". It just wants a url in the field.

This is probably more of a Joomla issue then Ninjoomla, the inability to add link parameters for a banner, but thought I would see if anyone here has any ideas.

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hi leon,

is this the default joomla banner component you are talking about.

it would be pretty easy to mod, to work with SB, let me know what your using and i will take a look for you


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Yes, I am using the standard Joomla banner. I think I could mod it too, I was trying to avoid changing stuff that comes with Joomla at the code level. Is that what you meant ?

Thanks a lot for the offer of help. I think there will be more requests for this sort of thing. Since banners can be used to solicit leads and such, shadow box is a perfect way to get more info, direct users to other pages, etc.

Maybe we need a new banner module. If I ever get done chasing my tail I might be able to help.

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yeh best way would be to modify the banner code and repackage it up as a seperate install, that way it wont break when you update joomla if they change anything.

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Ninja Shadow Banner :D

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I'm able to get the shadowbox to work in the Joomla v1.5.25 Banner component...

The problem is that I'm not able to fully control the size of the shadowbox / lightbox...

First, here is how I get it to work:

When you create a new TEXT banner item, there is a field called "Custom Banner Code". In that field I put something like this:

<a href="{CLICKURL}" title="Henry Smith - Camera Assistant" rel="lightbox;width=800;Height=450"><b>{NAME}</b></a>
<i>Camera Assistant</i>

the "{CLICKURL}" is whatever legitimate URL you put in the field "Click URL" ( and the "{NAME}" is whatever text you put into the "Name" field for the individual banner.

Works like a charm. EXCEPT that the resulting lighbox or shadowbox respects the width parameter, but ignores the height parameter and makes the height of the box the height of the screen save room for the "X" close marker.

If you put no width and height parameters, then the lightbox / shadowbox fills the screen, except for some space near the bottom for the "X" to close the lightbox. This is actually fine if you're using the lightbox/shadowbox to load a web page.

But if you're loading a video or a photo it don't look so cool because the image or video (width being respected) is located at the top of the lightbox/shadowbox with a big dark space underneath that extends to the bottom of the visitors screen.

Any ideas that anybody has that would make the lightbox / shadowbox render to a desired width AND height would be awesomely appreciated!

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Hi ruthyruth,

Whatever I tried to replicate the issue you are experiencing, everything worked fine for me.
Both the height and width specified in the rel attribute for shadowbox were respected.

But...then after reading your post over again, in the code field I noticed the capital "H" spelled in "Height" within the rel attribute.
Now I was able to replicate your issue and got exactly the same behavior.
After changing back "Height" to "height" everything worked as expected.

So, I would suggest to change the Custom Banner Code to this:

<a href="{CLICKURL}" title="Henry Smith - Camera Assistant" 
<i>Camera Assistant</i>

This should do the trick.

Let us know how it goes.

Kind regards,

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Wow! Great! Thank you!

Syntax and grammar in this language are rather unforgiving. But, when it works, it works!

Thank you so much for finding the needle in the hay stack! That was so kind of you!

all the best!

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Hi ruthyruth,

No problem, I'm glad I was able to help you out.
Great to hear the problem is solved. Thanks for reporting back.

You know, typos...happens to everyone ;)

Have a nice day.

Kind regards,

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