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I have Ninja RSS up and running - works great.

My only problem is that I have coded some modules into my articles using the {moduleposition} tag.
Unfortunaley these positions show up in my RSS feeds as greyish squares with the moduleposition tag instead of rendering the modules.

How can I make the component render these modules?

You may see the problem here

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Hi PouIT,

Joomla RSS feeds (either with the core Joomla system, or with Ninja RSS Syndicator) cannot run plugins.

This means there is just no way to run the moduleposition plugin. If the plugin can't run, it can't process and render your modules.

Unfortunately there is just no way around this.

If you really don't like the {moduleposition} tags, we have a NRSS Strip Tags Plugin that will strip those tags out of your feed, leaving it a little cleaner.

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Hi Mark.

I see. Nothing to do about it, unfortunately.

I'll have to see if I can come up with a solution without module positions. If not, I'll check out the NRSS Strip Tags plugin.


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By the way:

I just wanted to check out NRSS Strip Plugin Tags, but it is not in your extension list.

After some Google searching and trying linkt that led to a 404 page ("this page has been removed"), I finally found the NRSS Strip Plugin Tags page.

Is it an error that the page is not listed or ......... ?


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Hi Poul,

Sorry about the delay in responding. For some reason I didn't receive the notification email from here saying that you had posted.

Anyway, we've been spring-cleaning and are in the process of removing extensions we no longer support.

The page may have been delisted during that process. I'm not sure if it was accidental.

In any case, the page is here:

What version of Joomla are you running?

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I'm on J 2.5, so it ought to work for me.

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Well give it a try and let me know how it goes.

You'll get a refund if you face a problem with it that we can't fix for you.


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