Slight Problem with Ninjaboard 2.0 3 Beta

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I am being brave and trying this out on a live site. I have a small group of supporting members and so I don't mind trying out this board with my small group.

I am using a Rockettheme template and have just a bit of a problem when you view a user profile.

Small user.png icons cover the page.

I also noticed that private messaging between users does not work but I can live without that.

Any thoughts on how I can get those small user.png images off of a user's profile page?


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Hi JanetL,

Could you post a link to the page?

It should be an easy css fix, but I need to see the page its on.


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Thanks so much for your reply!

This is a private board that is published only for my paying members. Can I email you a login that I'll set up for you?


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