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I'm using your free extension, and it's really great! I can hide the menu item I don't need, and put custom images for each of my menu item (live saver!).

But I'm having a problem. I'd like for my text to go inside of my images, and so far it's down under the images. I've edited the css so that it looks like I want, but this I cannot seem to do :\

Here's my test site:

And this is how I'd like it to look:

I've tried with padding and margins, but I just cannot seem to move it! :\ The only way I've been able to move them, was if I made .nsi-container span { position:absolute}, but then, it's kinda hard to make each text neatly aligned in it's own square :\

Is there any other method?

Thank you very much! :)

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Hi Dennis,

Add this to your Joomla template CSS file:

.nsi-container span {
position: relative;
top: -60px;
color: #FFF;
font-weight: bold;

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That did it! Thank you!!! :)

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You're welcome, Dennis :)

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good stuff! thanks a lot for your extensions

is it possible to introduce a "<br>" in the text above the icons?


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