Website crashed + no access to admin panel after installation

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I installed Ninja board and got the "The Ninja Framework component (com_ninja) is required for this component to run" error. After browsing the forums I ran across this thread and followed its instructions. I tried installing separately the package and then I got the white screen of death - now I don't have any access to the admin panel and the website crashed, giving a server error message.

Any ideas what went wrong or what can I do to fix it?

Tomorrow morning I'll be able to call our sysadmin for help, but I was hoping I could manage this on my own somehow, best before tomorrow.


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Hi Inbar,

Sorry to hear about your problem. Sounds terrible.

I wish I could have responded earlier, but it's the weekend.

Anyway, to get your site back, you need to delete a file using either FTP or your Web Host control panel File Manager.

For Joomla 1.5, the file is here:

For Joomla 2.5, delete this folder:

Once you do that, you should be able to log into your admin panel and uninstall Ninjaboard.

If you need help with this, send the necessary login details to us via our Contact page.

Kind regards,

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Thank you Mark,
I'll email the details to our sysadmin and hopefully he'll take care of it in the morning.

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