Can't get scripts to load in custom template

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Hi John,

I just downloaded Ninja Shadowbox and am having trouble getting the scripts to load in my template. I've got the module set to a valid position within the menu item I'm working on, but still no joy. Any help you can lend would be met with enthusiastic appreciation. The page is and the link I'm trying to get working is the "View Video" text at the bottom of the first news item.

Thank you sir!


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Hi Ryan,

I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with Ninja Shadowbox.

Ok, I see what the problem is. The needed scripts are not loaded. Like you already mentioned.

But what I don't understand is that I see two files from Ninja Shadowbox loaded in the header.
This is not good, of course, there should be many more needed to make Ninja Shadowbox run properly.

I have no solid clue and I was not able to replicate your issue.

Please, try to do the following:

- You've made sure Ninja Shadowbox is in a valid module position. That's good. Make also sure that Ninja Shadowbox is active on all pages. You can manage this in the module settings under Menu Assignment (bottom left).

- Choose a different library within the settings under Module Parameters > Javascript Library (dropdown menu).

- Download a fresh package, uninstall your current one and re-install the new package.

See if one or more suggestions from above helps.
Let me know how it goes.


Kind regards,

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It's working now. I think the problem might have been I was trying to load the scripts from the footer module position. I switched it to the breadcrumbs position and it's working like a charm. There must be something wonky in my template which caused the footer module position to not load the scripts, even though its referenced by my template.

Thank you for your help. I'll give you a review in the extensions gallery. It's pretty amazing you offer both the component and the support for free.


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Hi Ryan,

Ahh...ok, that makes sense now.
Well good to hear you have found the culprit.

I'm glad I could point you out to some suggestions which could ring a bell to eventually find the solution.
Thanks for sharing your findings.

A review would be great, highly appreciated.
Yeah, well I really like this one too so it's cool to get it for free ;)

Have a great day, Ryan.

Kind regards,

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