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Good day,

I have installed the Ninja Shadowbox have issues with the following.

  • After installing and test my link, i have notice that the window scroll bar was disabled and unable to navigate the bottom of the page.

  • Should there any way to open multiple pop-ups using a single link?


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Hi Jay,

Thanks for your interests in Ninja Shadowbox.

Please, post a link to the page in question (if possible).
This way I'm able to inspect what the problem is.

As for your other question, it's not possible to open multiple pop-ups by a single link.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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Thank for you quick reply.

Attached link for your reference.

if you notice, the scrollbar is not working. This is the test where I published the Ninjabox. (Click: My Image1My Image2) as my test lick for shadowbox.


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Hi Jay,

Thanks for providing the link.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to test Ninja Shadowbox for the reason that it is not activated on the page.
As far as I could inspect, the needed files for Ninja Shadowbox were not loaded.

If I click on the link (My Image1 or My Image2), the image opens in a new page and not in Ninja Shadowbox.

Also, I noticed that you use the rel attribute "lightbox" instead of "shadowbox".
This should work both ways but I recommend to use only "shadowbox".

Make sure you have Ninja Shadowbox activated/published in an existing module position from your default template.

I'm still not sure what you mean by the scrollbar is not working.
Which scrollbar do you exactly mean?
Maybe I don't understand because Ninja Shadowbox isn't working in the first place.

Let us know how it goes.

Kind regards,

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Apologies, the page that I used is not a long article that's why no scroll bar to be seen.

Please: copy and paste the above, I don't know what happen, when I click it directly, the menus are missing.

Using the above link, i'm unable to navigate or scroll down when I activate the Ninjabox.

The lightbox has been replace by shadowbox, i used it temporarily because i'm having problem when ninjabox is not working. I re-installed the module and forgot to change.


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Hi Jay,

I'm sorry for the delay on this.

What's your situation now?
Let me know if you need further help and I will try to solve it.


Kind regards,

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