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Here's my problem:

I have a feed set up to come from one of my sites, using the "syndicate" module in Joomla 1.5. It feeds out an <author> tag. However, when I use Ninja RSS to Content to pull the articles into my other sites it's not bringing in the Author. I have "Save Author" set to "Yes" in the "Author Settings" of the feed. If I'm reading this correctly, it should use whatever is in the <author> tag as the "Author Alias", correct?

Am I overlooking something or is it just not working as intended?


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Hi RandyC,

My sincere apologies for the delay on this.
Your post must have been slipped through our attention somehow.

I will try to explain how it works.

Like the popup description text says when you hover over the Author Save option, many feeds are not retrieving/including this field from the author's real name from the original article.

There's not much we can do for this behavior because the article feed gets compiled by RSS standards.

So, with the Author Save option you are given the ability to include an Author alias from your default Joomla users (Assign Author dropdownbox) or a custom name (Default Author field) or leave blank and use the feed title instead as the alias for the author.

What you can try is to specify the Alias Author field in the original article. This field or the author's email is usually included within the feed's <author> tags.
Make sure you have enabled to display the author's name in the global article settings for the site where you have installed Ninja RSS to Content.

Also notice that you may want to delete the imported article and import it again whenever you have made changes to the original article.

I hope this helps.
Let us know how you are doing.

Kind regards,

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In the site that the original articles come from (one of my sites), I set up the RSS feed with mod_syndicate. This is the RSS feed from that site:

As you can see, it includes an <author> tag. The authors of these articles are our news specialists.

However, when I use Ninja RSS to Content to pull the feed into my other 3 sites, it doesn't bring the author information over at all. Every article is set with an author of the person who set up the specific feed (which is me), which I can see from the admin section of the site but don't have set to show on the website because the articles weren't written by me.

Assigning an Author Alias in the original article doesn't seem to fix this problem either.

Am I doing something wrong?

One more thing - The cron job is set to run every 30 minutes, but it sometimes takes 4+ hours for articles to migrate from the original site to the other 3. Any idea how to make this run as it's supposed to?


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Hi RandyC,

I was able to replicate the issue you are describing.
While testing I wasn't able to retrieve the author either.
I think this needs to be reworked.
I shall inform the developer (Daniel) if he knows what causes this unexpected behavior.

As for your other question, please follow the steps in this FAQ - How to set up a Cron Job.

I hope this helps.

I will let you know when I've more info about the author issue.

Kind regards,

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Just to add...

Tested some more and have found a possible workaround:

If you choose Administrator from the Assign Author dropdown, you can specify the real author's name from the original article in the Default Author field.
You have to set Save Author to Yes and Missing Author to Use Default Author.

This way, the imported articles from the feed are displaying the correct Author name.
I know it's not done automatically the way it should but I think it's an descent alternate way to achieve what you want.

The side effect of this method is that you have to make sure that each feed item you create within Ninja RSS to Content, is from the same author.

In other words, you have to create a feed of the original articles (on the site were the article feed is imported from) from a single author. As far as I could find out, you can't mix different authors within the same feed.

(And I doubt if mixing authors in one feed is even working in the way it should. But this is just a guess).

Again, in the meantime I will ask if Daniel has the time to take a look at this issue.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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Unfortunately that workaround won't work for us. We have at least 2 separate news authors (one in the morning and one in the afternoon), and both post articles in the same "Region News" category on the main site.

Thanks for the time, John!

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Has there been any update on this?

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Hi RandyC,

Sincere apologies for the delay.

I think it's not a bug but just the way it works, I can't help you further with this because there's not much to do about it (like the description says).

If one feed has already multiple authors then the feed can't process the originals author's name.
I tried to test it in several ways but the only method which works is the one I've already posted.

What you can try is to create a single feed from one specific author all together and import this feed in to Ninja RSS to Content, then use the method I've previously mentioned.

I'm very sorry that I can't provide you with more help. I wish I could.

Kind regards,

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