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Hi, I'm just following site with the menu in Joomla and Ninja Simple to implement menu icon.
My test site is shown here Is there a way in the menu to change the font color, or at best to replace the images with others?
In a pinch I would also help to change the background color.
I just tried this in the file / media / mod_ninja_simple_icon_menu / css / Style.css
'm still here but no further.

MFG Markus

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Hi Markus,

The font color can be changed in the module's settings, which affects the link text color. See screenshot 1.

Custom images can be added to /media/mod_ninja_simple_icon_menu/images/ and are selectable in the module's settings from the dropdown list for each Icon.

To change the background-color, open up /media/mod_ninja_simple_icon_menu/css/style.css and find the following selector:

.nsi-container a img, .nsi-container a:hover img

Change the background value to your needs, like so:

.nsi-container a img, .nsi-container a:hover img {
background: #999999 !important;
border: none;

Make sure you use transparent png's for your custom images to make the colored background visible.

I hope this helps.
Let us know how it goes.

Kind regards,

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