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Link to this post 27 May 12

Please help,
1. Which class is responsible for the columns width? (topic-messages number-last)

2. How to change numbers of topics? Default 10 but I need 30 per page.

Sorry for bad english.

Link to this post 31 May 12

Hi Genesis2,

Apologies for the delay.

1) Can you post a link to the site in question, please? This way we are able to see what you exactly mean.

2) Open up from the Ninjaboard package: components/com_ninjaboard/views/forums/html.php

at line 42 change the number 10:

$this->limit	= KRequest::get('get.limit', 'int', 10);

to the number 30:

$this->limit	= KRequest::get('get.limit', 'int', 30);

I hope this helps.
Let us know how it goes.

Kind regards,

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