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Hi guys,

I have just downloaded the ShadowBox for my Joomla installation. My intent is to be able to have a link to another site that would be displayed in a 'lightbox' on the page instead of having to send the user off to the new site. In essence, after they click the link, the website would fade in and they could navigate it that way. When they are done, they just hit the 'X' or escape key and they're back to my site.

Here is an example page that I would like to use it on:

When someone clicks that placeholder 'Google' or 'Ask' link, instead of going to the website directly, I would like it to still keep the user on the page as mentioned above.

I have installed the module on my Joomla site and of course have it enabled on all pages for the public with the title not shown. I have selected JQuery as my JS Libary and 'Include'.

Is there something I have to do on each link like my 'Google' or 'Ask' links on the page above to get it to work? Or, is it something wrong with my configuration of the module. If necessary, I would be happy to provide an admin account for you guys to check it out first hand if you would like.

Thank you for your time. I am really looking forward to using this.

Take care,

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Hi Daniel,

Please do this and see if it works:

1.) As per the usage instructions, add rel="shadowbox" to the google and ask links. eg:

<a href="" rel="shadowbox">Google</a>

2.) Go into your Joomla global configuration and enable mod_rewrite under the SEF URL section. You will need to also rename your htaccess.txt file to .htaccess. If unsure, see

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