Error installing 1.07 upgrade

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Hi all,

Thank you for the patch... I successfully installed it on 4 sites but am having trouble with the last one.

This last one is Joomla 1.5.15. One of the others which upgraded correctly was also 1.5.15.

It looks like a permissions error. I get:

It was not possible to copy the selected file.
JInstaller::install: Failed to copy file: /var/data/joomla15/tmp/install_4f9aecb0a49a5/configuration.nx.php to /var/data/joomla15/components/com_ninjaxplorer/configuration.nx.php

The /tmp/install_4f9aecb0a49a5/ dir is not created on the "problem" site. Permissions on the /tmp directory are the same on both 1.5.15 sites.

Anybody else having this problem? Anybody know what's wrong or where to look?


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Hi DebN,

Do this:

1.) Unzip the package locally.
2.) Get this file from it: /include/init.php
3.) Upload the file to /administrator/components/com_ninjaxplorer/include/init.php

That is the only patched file.

Also, it is very, very important that you upgrade your websites to Joomla 1.5.26.
1.5.15 has multiple security vulnerabilities and I'm surprised your websites haven't been hacked.

Good luck!

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Thanks, got ninjaExplorer upgraded.

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