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I downloaded Get Clicky, but I am not seeing my download hits being counted. I have a folder with zip files and would like to track the number of times each is accessed. Everything else is great. Thanks!

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Hi RF2,

Does the getclicky website say you can track downloads of files in a folder?

I don't know of any analytics service that does this.

Analytics scripts like Google Analytics and Clicky work by including javascript on web pages. Every time the web pages are accessed, the script records a hit. The only way a hit is recorded is if the web page is visited. If clicking on a file to download it does not take you to a new web page, Clicky has no way of knowing that a file has been accessed.

Take this page for example. That is the Ninja Clicky extension page. On it is a 'Download' button. When you click on the button, you are taken to a new webpage and the extensions downloads in the background. The fact that a new web page was visited means Google Analytics or Clicky could track that as a download. We track every visit of the download page as a download.

In summary, no Analytics script/service will automatically track downloads of files in a folder. You will need to set up your site such that every download takes the user to a new webpage that can be tracked.

I hope that helps.

Kind regards,

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