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Hello. I have installed the Ninja Clicky module in Joomla (1.6.1). I have put in the Site ID in the module manager, I have selected "hidden" and published the module. However, it is NOT tracking in my Get Clicky account. I have the Pro account. Please advise. Thanks!

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Hi proxwarehouse,

Please update to Joomla 1.7. Joomla 1.6 is no longer supported by the Joomla project. Updating is only a matter of a few clicks. (be sure to backup your site first of course).

Is the module published to a module position that exists on your website?

Please post a link to your website, or email it to support if you don't feel comfortable posting it here in public.

Kind regards,

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I just read your email.

Thanks for the link. I viewed the source of your home page and found no Ninja Clicky code on it. Please check that the module position you published the module in actually exists in your template.


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