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Love ninja Forge !! does any one know how to change the text ENTER SOME TEXT when you first go to type i a new entry? where is the code found and also is it possible to stop it from dispersing when i click onto it.

Please see attached pic!

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards

Tim Garrett

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Hi Tim,

I'm not sure whether it's possible yet to enter text that stays in the field when you edit it. However, to change the placeholder text, do the following

Edit the Ninjaboard language file found here (assuming you are using English:

Around line 83, you will find this:

ENTER SOME TEXT=Enter some text

Edit the text after the "=" to whatever you want.


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Beyond Mark's explanation of how to edit the placeholder text, it's possible to make text stay in the field when you edit it, although i have no idea why you would want to as the text will be submitted into the post unless removed by the user. :P

You will need to edit a core file, and re-apply every time you update.



Search for:

<?= @text('Enter some text') ?>"><?= @escape($post->text) ?>

Insert the text you want to stick inbetween ><


<?= @text('Enter some text') ?>">STAY HERE TEXT<?= @escape($post->text) ?>

Again, i'm not sure why you would want to do this unless i have misunderstood the request?

Thanks. :)

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In version 2.0.3 the message 'enter some text' is hardcoded in the file form_inner.php.

If you open that file and replace 'enter some text' with 'COM_NINJABOARD_ENTER_SOME_TEXT', the message gets translated automaticly.

You can then edit the languagefiles to get any text you like.

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