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For some reason (in ie7 & ie8) the .mp4 videos are playing the first time you click to play on the home page and then when you reload the page and try to play the video again, the quick time screen is white. (although i can hear audio). It works fine in FF and Chrome. here is my website

I tried reinstalling the quick time player. I disabled and enabled the cache. I tried the different meta & http settings to fix IE8. but nothing seems to be working for this.

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Hi jared1,

Strange indeed...
I've tested the movie behavior in IE7, 8 and 9, it worked great for me.
I didn't experience the problem you've described.

I think this is a typical IE related (7&8) issue, or could even be an issue at your side.
Maybe you can try to clean the browser's cache.
Also try to check the settings within your version of Quicktime as well, maybe there's something related to it.
I don't think that Ninja Shadowbox is causing this, to be honest.

Which type of OS are you using?

Let us know how it goes.

Kind regards,

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Sorry. i fixed this last night by using a different shadowbox plugin and i was too tired to post a reply. So that's why you didn't see it. I wasn't the only one with this issue. it seems to have been a problem with the shadowbox media viewer as well. i hate to post their link here on your website (i'm sure you can delete later) but i wanted you to be aware of this issue, just in case others have this same problem.

here is a post on their forum

and here is their fix

it's something to do with the 'scale=aspect' parameter

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Thanks for sharing what worked for you, jared1.

That forum is the official forum for Shadowbox. We go there often when we need help :)

Whenever someone has a problem with Ninja Shadowbox (our implementation of the Shadowbox script), I suggest using a different extension on the JED called Shadowbox Media Viewer (the one you found).

The reason for this is that the version of Shadowbox in NinjaShadowbox is old. The Shadowbox Media Viewer plugin has the latest version of Shadowbox in it, and they are the only authorised distributors of that version of Shadowbox. We are not permitted to put the latest version of Shadowbox into Ninja Shadowbox.

When Shadowbox was first released, it had a GPL license. In version 3.0, this was changed to a proprietary license, requiring anybody who uses it on a commercial website to pay a fee.

We had two options... either stay with the GPL one, or stop distributing Ninja Shadowbox altogether.

We stayed with the GPL one. The downside being that since it has not been updated in a year or two, bugs occasionally pop up when using the plugin with new browsers... especially with video media, as you discovered.

I'm sorry we couldn't provide you with a good experience.

Have a good weekend, jared1.


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Hey Guys,

Thanks for clarifying this issue.

No wonder I couldn't explain the quicktime behavior :)
Although I was aware of the outdated script in Ninja Shadowbox, at first hand I thought it was more likely an IE usual. I guess I judged too soon.

Apologies for my misleading info.

Good to hear there's an alternate way.

Have a good weekend!


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