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I try to use Shadowbox for HTML code displaying; use <a rel="shadowbox;..." href="#hidden">...</a>, but main page of site is loaded into the box. What can be wrong?
Thanks for answers!

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Hi Alexey1,

Welcome and thanks for trying Ninja Shadowbox.

You have to create a hidden div with the id "hidden" first. Then you can put content in to this div.
In order to make this div hidden you have to specify this in a custom CSS rule.
Make sure the hidden div is on the same page where the link for activating Ninja Shadowbox is.
Afterwards you have to specify the correct attributes in the link you want to use to popup the hidden div by Ninja shadowbox.

The steps you have to take are described here:

Ninja Shadowbox Wiki Pages

If you still encounter troubles with getting it to work, I can write you a brief tutorial if you need/like it.

Let us know how it goes.

Kind regards,

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I did everything as you adviced, John, thank you, but nothing changed.
And I found this problem appears not only with Ninja Shadowbox, but with other "box" modules too and even with some js-using modules for another aims.
It's like some kind of conflict... Can't fix it yet.

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Fogot, I created separate html-pages to show content via Shadowbox, it works,

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Hi Alexey1,

I'm not sure if it's a conflict. If the modal "box" window just pops up then it should be fine.
It's more likely that Ninja Shadowbox (or others) might not have the right info what to display in the modal window.

Good to hear you were able to get it work by doing it the alternate way. This is useful too.
For instance, you can also try the Custom HTML Module to create a hidden div and publish it in a position on the same page where the shadowbox activation link is. Remember also to follow the steps described earlier.

So, you're good know?
If you have further questions, please let me know.

Kind regards,

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