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Hi there how would I go about creating an image rollover effect for the icons? for example the default icon i have selected rolls over to a diferent icon when hovered and selected. and the same goes for the titles as well, how would i implement an hover and active state to the items' text colour?

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Hi nicotraut,

Unfortunately there is no way to change images on hover or active item. Ninja Simple Icon Menu is really a *simple* module.

Because Ninja Simple Icon Menu doesn't use a Joomla menu like most modules and is essentially just a list of links, there is no way to detect and identify the current active item.

To style a link on hover is no different to how you would any other link. Add the style to your Joomla template CSS file like so:

.nsi-container a:hover {color:#FF0000; font-weight: bold;}

I hope that helps.

Kind regards,

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Please can you help me,

I want to make another image on hover in ninja icon menu too.
I changed the css like this, (see text underneath), but it doesn't work, What do I wrong?
I understand that i get the same image under every button when I do it like this and when it works. But can I make a class suffix to change the images under the buttons.

Thank you in advance

.nsi-container {overflow:hidden; position:relative; padding:0; z-index:1000; margin-top:-17px; margin-left:19px}
.nsi-container div {float:left; position:relative; left:37%; text-align:left;}
.nsi-container ul {position:relative; padding:0; margin:0; list-style:none !important;}
.nsi-container li {clear:left; float:left; margin:0; padding:10px 3.5px 0 0; text-align:center; cursor:pointer; list-style:none !important; background:transparent !important; border:none !important}
.nsi-container span {font-weight:bold; display:none}
.nsi-container img {border:none;}
.nsi-container a img,
.nsi-container a:hover img {background: url("") no repeat scroll 0 0 rgba(0,0,0,0)!important; border:none; width:41px !important;}
.nsi-container a,
.nsi-container a:hover {height:100%; text-decoration:none; background:transparent !important; border:none !important}

Best regards!
Thank you in advance


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