Ninjaboard 1.2 will reuse frontend translations in the backend

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Hi everyone,

In 1.2 we're going to optimize our translation files a bit.
Today we, like most extensions, have separate .ini files for the frontend and backend sides of your Joomla site.
This have resulted in duplicate strings that exists in both files.
A common one translators will recognize are strings like:

%s second ago

%s seconds ago

So in Ninjaboard 1.2 we'll change this. The way translations are loaded on the frontend will continue the way it does in 1.1.
But the backend will start to load both the frontend and backend files when you're in the backend.

The decision to do it this way were based on the fact that on the frontend you'll likely load many language files for various modules, plugins and for your joomla template with a lot going on at once.
When you're on the backend there's usually just .ini files for your admin template and a couple of core modules that's loaded.
So the overhead from loading two files will impact your performance the least when backend contra frontend.

All in all this means we'll no longer have duplicate strings, so the amount of work needed to localize Ninjaboard will be reduced.

Speaking on the behalf of NinjaForge we truly appreciate the work translation contributors continue to do,
so it's really important to us that we not only reward your work but that the process of translating our projects is as easy and streamlined as can be.


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