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This topic is where we'll notify you when we change the source file and add/remove strings.

This is a workaround due to Transifex not notifying you when the master file changes.

The translations are always current to the latest RC or Stable release of Ninjaboard.
Two weeks ago that was 1.1, which is now stable. 1.2 isn't even alpha yet, so it'll be a while until we start adding strings for that.

As you may now, Ninjaboard got two release channels. and
So what this means is that the translation files we use on Transifex is used on both these channels at all times.
But we wont start adding strings from new features found in the beta channel on Transifex until the version there hits RC.

In short, when you translate Ninjaboard you only need to install one instance of Ninjaboard, and translate the latest Stable/RC.
So when you update a translation, your updated contribution will arrive on both the stable and beta channel on their next build cycle.

If you have any questions, don't reply to this thread about them, but start a new thread here with your question:

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  • POST SAVED.=Post saved.

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Master file for the Ninjaboard Quickpanel module:


This contains both the site and the admin translation strings.

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Added to [site] en-GB.com_ninjaboard.ini:

NO TOPICS FOUND HERE YET, GO AHEAD AND START ONE.=No topics found here yet, go ahead and start one.

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Added to [admin] en-GB.com_ninjaboard.ini, due to changes in the menu-items for Ninjaboard:

RENDERS A FORUM AND ITS SUBFORUMS IF ANY.=Renders a forum and its subforums if any.
RENDERS TOP LEVEL FORUMS IN A LIST.=Renders top level forums in a list.
PRIVATE MESSAGES MANAGER.=Private messages manager.
VIEW PROFILE=View profile
EDIT PROFILE=Edit profile
VIEW OR EDIT THE PROFILE OF A PERSON.=View or edit the profile of a person.
VIEW YOUR OWN PROFILE, OR A LOGIN FORM IF NOT LOGGED IN YET.=View your own profile, or a login form if not logged in yet.
PROFILE EDIT FORM, LETTING THE LOGGED IN USER UPLOAD AN AVATAR, SET FORUM SIGNATURE AND MORE.=Profile edit form, letting the logged in user upload an avatar, set forum signature and more.
MANAGE YOUR EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS.=Manage your email subscriptions.
- USE DEFAULT -=- Use Default -

The following related strings are commented out due to older versions of Ninjaboard:

#SHOWS ALL FORUMS AND TOPICS WITH A SELECTED FORUM AS PARENT.=Shows all forums and topics with a selected forum as parent.
#FORUMS DESC=Board Index layout, shows all forums. In order to configure Chameleon with differen't styles, mix and match these page class sfx's: <pre>rounded</pre> <pre>norounded</pre> <pre>dark</pre> <pre>light</pre> <pre>separator-currentcolor</pre> <pre>small-radius</pre>
#BOARD INDEX=Board Index
#THE DEFAULT VIEW. SHOWS ALL FORUMS AND TOPICS.=The default view. Shows all forums and topics.
#LETS EDIT YOUR SIGNATURE, AND UPLOAD YOUR AVATAR.=Lets edit your signature, and upload your avatar.
#PROFILE EDIT FORM=Profile Edit Form
#PROFILE EDIT FORM DESC=This menu link will display an login form if you're logged out. And a profile edit form when logged in.

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Some more updates...

Added to [admin] en-GB.com_ninjaboard.ini

#Users section

LISTING %S USER=Listing %s user

#Settings section

ADD %S=Add %s (display's "Add Settings" as a button-text when there are no Settings added yet)

#Settings xml


#General section

TYPE TO RECEIVE SUGGESTIONS=Type to receive suggestions (master [site] ini doesn't pick this up)


Most of the above strings are hardcoded and thus not picking up any translations. I discovered this after updating the masterfiles. I'll leave this as it is anyway because it might become translatable in the future. I'll check this with Stian and make corrections if necessary.

**end of edit**

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Polish translations contributed by Yaro

Thanks Yaro!

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