"Post saved" - how to translate?

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With Russian language there are no translations of messages "Post saved" and "Post a reply"
At the "ru-RU.com_ninjaboard.ini" I don't see corresponding strings.
Where are these strings hidden?

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Hi Vitaly,

If some strings are missing, you can look for them in the en-GB.com_ninjaboard.ini file, then copy them to the russian language file and add in their russian translations.

We now host our translations on Transifex. It looks like there are 18 untranslated russian strings:

If you would like to contribute to the Ninjaboard project, please sign up on Transifex and join the Ninjaboard project.

Kind regards,

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Hi, Mark

I have registered on transifex and sent request to join Ukrainian and Russian Team.
I am ready to complete both translations.

As for my question, I've found solution.

There are two strings that are missing even in "original" English - en-GB.com_ninjaboard.ini
These are:
I added such strings and their corresponding translations to the end of of ru-RU.com_ninjaboard.ini and
For example, 2 lines were added to uk-UA.com_ninjaboard.ini:

POST A REPLY=????????? ?? ????????????
POST SAVED.=???????????? ?????????

Now these messages are correct for my languages.

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Excellent. Thanks Vitaly.

Stian will sort out your Transifex permissions the next time he comes online.

Your contribution is highly appreciated.

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Thanks Vitaly, adding the missing strings right away!
Also added you to the relevant teams.


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Actually, what version is your english .ini file?
POST A REPLY is present in 1.1.

But POST SAVED. where missing, but added just now.
Btw, to kickstart on transifex, upload the ini files you already did by picking the right translation, and chose "Upload file".

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