Time To Dump GoDaddy For Good

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I've used Godaddy for quite a while.

I've never much liked them, with the horrible UI, spammy checkout procedure and blatant objectification of women to sell domains.

However, I've come to ignore all that, mainly because I've been too damned lazy to make a switch.

No more!

Here's why:

If you're as upset by this as I am, and want to move, Namecheap are inviting people switch over to them for only $4.99.

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I too have been meaning to move for ages, but just never got around to it...

This is disgusting!

I only had the 3 domains with them, but I am happy to say they are now in the transfer process with Namcheap.

Thanks for the heads up mark

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GoDaddy had the video taken down.

Care to summarize for us?

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I ended up switching to namecheap back when you posted this. Thanks Mark!

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Ah man, I should switch too. Gonna need your help on this Mark, I'm a noob!

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I have moved over 40 domains from GoDaddy to Enom and finally, at the last domain GoDaddy asked why I was moving. I won't work with their incredibly cluttered site any longer and if a client wants me to work on their site, I move it to another host.

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Yet another reason to switch away from GoDaddy; They are pro-SOPA.

Here's a step-by-step guide to transferring your domains away from Godaddy:


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