How to update ninjaboard?

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Sorry to ask simple questions as this one, but I am new to this.

To update ninjiaboards do I just install the new package over the old one?
Do I risk to loose posts and forums created before?
How can I backup the ninjaboard contents before updating for security and peace of mind?

Today I have an error that was not happening before
A new user create a new topic, well when I try to reply (as administrator or registered user makes no difference, even the same user cannot add replies) I get this error:

You don't have permission to access /it/forum/post/topic/13/forum/16/layout/ on this server.

Another matter is this.
I did notice on the nijaboard demo page that in combination with joomlashine jsn epic template, ninjaboard appears dark grey with avery different style tahn in mine one, how can I set this layout? Should it show this naturally or I do have to add some class suffix somewhere?

Thank you.

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I forgot to add this
I have overlapped buttons when a post is longer tha 1 page, see attached image, ansd also there are mixed languages, som buttons and labels are in english and some in italian, how can I fix this?

thank you

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Hi, hope I can help a little.

To update, go to the ninjaboard dashboard. On the right hand side click the check for new updates box.

Try using box-grey as your module class suffix.

Dashboard, settings, choose the setting you made after installing ninjaboard, under module render engine, module class suffix, add box-grey

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Thank you

Ok I did try to push that button but tells me that the version is the last available, when it was not so.

By the way as I have hjust som etest posts, I did download latest version and installed it on top of the other one. It seems to work.
But still I would like to know exactly qhat should I do to save the DB tables of the forum only so that I can tweak the ninjaboard and eventually restore all the content of the forum's, without having to replace the content of the whole site.

it would be nice to have a backup forum and a a restore forum button in the administration panels.

I cannot understand where this forbidden error comes from. I did check permissions, and seem to be correct, I did use the superadmin to reply and got same error, what can this be?
I have to try again now that latest 1.0.6 is installed, ... Just tried and again it does not work

You don't have permission to access /it/forum/post/topic/14/forum/16/layout/ on this server.

This is the message I get.
I cannot understand...

Thank you

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Thanks fairwea1, glad to see community members helping each other :)

Hi Daxit,

Your post was titled "How to update Ninjaboard?", but you listed 6 questions/issues. I will answer the original question, but please post a new topic for issues 2 - 6, and I will answer those issues in those topics :)

1.) How to update Ninjaboard?
Normally the button will work. However, it is broken because we migrated to Joomla 1.5 and changed the download link. After you install Ninjaboard 1.0.7 (coming soon), future releases will be installable via that update button again.

2.) Overlapping buttons.
3.) Mixed english/italian.
4.) Forbidden. no access error.
5.) How to copy jsn_epic demo style.
6.) Feature request - ability to backup/restore Ninjaboard db tables from Ninjaboard admin

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Thank you Mark

I will follow your guideline concerning how to make questions.
Sorry for this, I am just not used to.

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