Ninja Ipsum: supported on Joomla! 1.5.20 ?

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Hi Guys,

I've a question about Ninja Ipsum.

I can't get it work, unfortunately. :huh:

I was just wondering if this fine extension is working on the current version of Joomla! that I'm using, 1.5.20.

Did a check if something was causing a conflict (other scripts and such), honestly I couldn't find any :(.
Also tested it on different sites, but to no avail.

In an article I just enter the correct tags like described, example: {lorem 100}.
This should do the job. But I don't get the latin Lorem Ipsum text, just this: {lorem 100} displayed as text.

I've searched this forum for related issue's and found some.

I'm not sure if I'm missing something. Any thoughts on this?

Please, some advice on this would be great.

Thanks ;)

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Hi John,

I'll test this within the next 24hrs and let you know if I can replicate this issue.


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Hi Mark,

Never mind...

There's nothing wrong with Ninja Ipsum.
In fact it's working just great! And is indeed supported on J! 1.5.20.

Don't get your head over this. I hope you did not put too much work in this to replicate.

I've found the cause...
It's to shameful to tell...:blush: :blush: :blush:

But I have to, in the hope nobody makes the same stupid mistake as I did :blink:

Instead of {lorum 100}, I typed: {lorem 100}......:pinch: :pinch: :pinch:

I'm terrible sorry I did bother you with this awfully stupid, dumb failure of mine.


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LOL, glad we found the issue before I started testing :)

Typos... happen to everyone.

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Yeah, well I too can laugh again :D

This was a good one for Funniest Homevideo's...:silly:


To compensate my blunder I wrote a review @ JED.

Not just to compensate but also the fact that Ninja Ipsum is a great tool!
...if you don't suffer from typo's:laugh:

-John ;)

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Thank you very much, John :)

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