Can't wait for the 1.0 Beta

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When it's gonna be public?
I know you'll be awnsering 'soon.' But how soon is soon?
Is soon a couple of hours, days or a month?

What would be new in this release?
CB functionality? Include HTML? Embed (youtube)vids?
Or am I leaping to far?

Tell us more... Please, please pretty please! ;)

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Yes, soon is the safest answer ;)
But if I dare make an guess, 2 weeks max.
In any case, it'll happen in 2009.

There are tons of news in this release, we're revealing a lot this week.
But you can read what's been announced so far here:
Make sure to read the comments, as we answer some questions about NB features and such.

CB, JomSocial (and maybe Anahita if we get the time) integration will be there.
Include HTML, Embed videos, those features might not be there in the 1.0 public beta.
But it could make it into 1.0 stable if there's an user demand for it :)

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Well thanx...

I am using Ninja Board on a website... and the thing what I am missing the most is the possibility to moderate all users in the front end. Because I don't like the idea to give moderators the chance to poke around in the back end of Joomla.

So if it's not on the new beta release mark this one as a future request.

Keep up the good work.
Too bad I'm to late to0 volunteer for being a beta tester.


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