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  • How to Override NinjaBoard HTML, JS, CSS, and Images

    30 August, 2010


    This article gives a brief introduction on layout overrides, and explains the additional assets overrides support found in Ninjaboard.

    All Joomla! 1.5 native components and modules supports something called template layout overrides.

    Template layout overrides allow you to copy the files that generate the HTML in a component, into your template. The component will then use the files found in your template instead of its own.

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  • There Is No Known SQL Injection Vulnerability In Ninjaboard

    05 July, 2010

    ninjaboard tweets

    There's some buzz on twitter that Ninjaboard got an SQL injection vulnerability.

    Here's the first tweet that started the buzz:

    New Exploit [dos] - Joomla Ninjaboard Component (com_ninjademo) SQL Injection Vulnerability:

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  • Apologies To Our Members, iContact Got Hacked

    17 February, 2010

    About a week ago one of our members came to us and reported that he was suddenly getting spammed on an account that he had only ever used for our site.

    We started doing some looking but as it was "only one" we figured that it was most likely something on their end.

    Then the second one came in. And another.

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  • Why Your Customers Know More Then You Think

    27 November, 2009

    Buried business secrets

    If you are in business, putting your head in the sand doesn't work anymore. You need to be listening and talking to your customers, because if you aren't, they will be doing it with each other, and they won't be happy about it.

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  • How a Marathon Can Teach You About Business

    25 November, 2009

    Participants in a marathon

    Every year some friends and I participate in the Nagoya Marathon, well at least the 10 km fun run section.

    Usually I do a little bit of training in the months before the race and as a result I usually finish in the top 20% of runners. This year though, I was really busy with various things and did basically no training, resulting in my worst ever time and putting me just inside the 70% mark.

    While running the race this year, I noticed something very important...

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  • Is Your Customer Service Costing You Customers?

    12 November, 2009

    Warranty Card

    My wife and I were recently looking for baby beds on the Internet and we found two that we really liked, they looked good and the prices were very good.

    Being Japanese, my wife is a little more into the group consensus than I am, and so she was looking around for comments and reviews on the two beds.

    We found the usual stuff, and both of the beds were rated around the four and a half out of five mark. But one comment really stuck out to me. One person was saying that they had bought the bed and had it delivered to their house. When it arrived there, they opened it and found that it was broken. They then apparently immediately called the company asking what they should do to get a replacement or refund.

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  • Google Fast Flipping You Out of Revenue

    28 October, 2009


    Not satisfied controlling almost every advertisement on almost every website in the world, Google has decided that it's going to cut the middleman out of its advertising revenue, the middleman being the content providers for the sites their advertising is on.

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  • Piece Prize! (sic)

    18 October, 2009

    Nobel Piece Prize

    Many people have already given their opinion on the latest Nobel Peace Prize so I don't think I need to really say anything that hasn't already been said. However, I still thought it was worth doing a cartoon.

  • The Beauty of Zemanta

    16 June, 2009

    zemanta-logoSimple point & click enrichment of your blog posts. In real-time, while you type.
    We suggest tags, links, photos, and related articles. You save time and aspirin.

    5M+ pictures, 5M+ articles. 10M+ possibilities.

    Whether you run a blog or write the odd article you will be familiar with this situation.

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  • Putting JS at the Bottom is Generally Good

    30 May, 2009

    It's amazing how many misunderstandings that can happen when you have to limit your message within 140 characters.

    So instead of continuing this on twitter, I'll make my statements on the sprites, placement of Javascript in your document and that, very clear.

    For one, all in for sprite sheets. Hell, if you take a look at the front page of this blog and take a closer look at the "Read More" buttons, you'll see that they are in sprite sheets.

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  • Ninjas on Twitter

    23 March, 2009

    Today, while searching a nice and handy GTK+ compatible Twitter client for my Xubuntu box, I accidentally found a very funny comic, I want to share with out community.

    I nearly fell off my chair! :D

    Found on

    Tweeting Ninja

    Have a Lot of Fun

  • The Spammers Get to Twitter

    12 July, 2008

    Maybe this is old news and I just didn't notice it before, but I got a new follower today, and went to check out their profile, as you do.

    Anyway the profile name was macey121 with a nice pic of a pretty girl there.

    But when I checked out her profile there was a single post advertising how she was going to make $40,000 this month and a link to the site.

    She also has several thousand people she is following. How anyone could follow several thousand other people's twitters and stay sane I am not sure, so it's obviously a spam account, using the follow others as a way to get them to come and check out your twitter which has an big fat add in it.

    I wonder if Twitter has some sort of policy about this? Because pretty soon it will be stock full of bots following everyone (including each other)

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