Ninjaboard 2.0 Beta Available For Testing

Mark Simpson on 21 April, 2012

Ninjaboard 2.0 Beta #2252 is now available on the beta channel.

No builds from the beta channel are recommended for production sites. Please don't install this on live websites, as it is still very unstable.

Don't install this unless you know what you are doing. It may break your website and your sanity.

Ninjaboard 2.0 Beta is installable and works on both Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 2.5. However, extensive testing has not been done and it is very likely that there are numerous bugs hiding just beneath the surface. Also note that Ninjaboard 2.0 Beta does not currently work with Ninja Content, so don't install those two extensions on the same website. A new release of Ninja Content that fixes this is forthcoming. will only working with the Ninja Content 1.6 Beta available here

Other than 2.5 support, this release introduces (finally!) a 'sticky' feature as well as other minor fixes (for avatars, etc). Please report issues on the forum, or on github if you have fixes to contribute.

Special thanks to Stian, Richie, John, and Matt for contributing to this release.

Rev #2253 Minor:

  • Updating language strings
  • moving com_ninja language strings out into its own language file
  • removed + image from the backend placeholder buttons

Rev #2254 Minor:

  • Fixes errors in firefox on sortable change

Rev #2255 Minor:

  • Fix the hanging on 'finding additional packages' once and for all

Rev #2257 Minor:

  • Fixes 500 error on settings page when upgrading from Ninjaboard 1.x
  • Fixes sticky functionality not working correctly

Rev #2258 Minor:

  • Updating Search Plugin and adding it to the package
  • Fixes users not being able to edit there own posts
  • Fixes users being able to see and edit screen even though they dont have permission to edit the post
  • Fixes update from dashboard not showing the revision number

Your Response

  • I thought you may like to know, I tried to install the beta on my dev site, and it is hung up on searching for additional packages to upload. All I can get on the site now are 500 errors.

    But no worries, I have a 2 hour old backup

    • Hi sls,

      Thanks for trying the latest beta :)

      It sounds like your issue is the one addressed in the first Ninjaboard FAQ item:

      The steps mentioned there should help you install Ninjaboard properly.

  • OMG - this is the best news!! I will put some time in to testing - can't wait for the stable release!! :)
  • Installed and said "Failed" - trying to access any menu item in the Administrator section gives me a 500 error.
    • Interesting, Ben.

      If you'd like help with that, we provide support on the forum, as stated in the blog post you just read :)
    • Sounds to me that you had an installation issue there are a few possible reasons for this. As suggested by Mark can you please post in the forums with a few more details.

      is it a vanilla site?
      are you trying to upgrade an existing ninjaboard?
      and any other information that may help me resolve this for you

  • How is the beta testing going - the version on the beta page is from May - is there a newer version to test - or are there specific things required to be tested on the existing beta version?

    I have to make the decision to go to another tool very soon, hoping that there is a release date imminent!.

  • Just tried out 2.0 on my Joomla 2.5.7 site and wow did I get a bit of a scare TOTAL WHITE SCREEN front of the site and the admin as well.

    I could see one line of my site title on the front end and that was it.

    I'll have to find the manual and do some reading before I will enable Ninjaboard 2.0 BETA again.

    I used MYPHPADMIN to track down all of the pieces and disable them and then I had my site back again.

    Thank you for the
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